1. I personally love tincture. It ain't cheap in the program but you can dial in your dosage.

  2. Its our celebration day! Iā€™d like to give out 1-2 seeds from each strain. All I ask is that you post a review after you harvest. Will definitely need mod assistance to make this work and figure out logistics. If this is not a good idea please take down this post.

  3. You can Google 'random reddit comment picker' to find a bot that'll choose a winner. Just throwing out a suggestion. Love the idea for the community. šŸ‘

  4. Cannabis is still federally illegal and considered schedule 1 in the eyes of big gov. Therefore, any business, including hospitals, that have federal contracts or receive any type of federal funding most likely will test for cannabis to stay compliant in the eyes of the government.

  5. It's job specific, not company specific. There are companies (I work at one, Con Edison) that has positions they test for and positions they cannot.

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