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  1. she looks like she could be doing the 👉👈

  2. I'm only playing on Uprising and only at level 10 but I feel so useless as a Zealot, considering just switching to Veteran after reading this lol

  3. If your heart belongs to the zealot then you shouldn’t change because of balance it will get patched sooner or later

  4. my heart doesn't belong to any class, I'm just trying to enjoy the game, and I'm not going to enjoy it when I'm not really contributing (I hate playing selfish classes in this type of game)

  5. I had this issue too, newish player; it's the big blimp that moves around, I think atm it's next to the ruined statue i believe to the northeast

  6. i'm at level 9 and i was just in an Uprising mission with two mid 20s and a 30

  7. that third one, is that you Minneapolis?


  9. I pretty much just put points into the damage perks for weapons, the rest of the points I get go into stuff like armor or magic (the timed block perks are really fun)

  10. in middle school, I had a friend who showed me this weird ass chunky book with text that went like diagonally and in weird patterns, I was really confused so I think that was the desired reaction, no idea what the book is about though

  11. Let's be real though, nobody's buying a Pokemon game for its graphics, they're buying it to catch and play with the monsters.

  12. /uj I've heard almost nothing but praise on the gameplay part so clearly people are willing to overlook the graphics

  13. As someone who's been playing it a bunch I can attest that it's a fantastically fun single player experience, if you can stomach the technical downfalls.

  14. /uj I played a bit of Arceus and it cemented itself as my new favorite pokemon game just within the first area, and that was with a "Switch with a 3060 taped to it" so maybe I got the authentic experience, S/V might be worth a look one day

  15. The second one has a Sith Lord telling you you’re an idiot for doing altruistic stuff. It’s pretty on brand when you realize she’s you know, a Sith Lord.

  16. The gacha way of inclusivity: calling the player character by titles

  17. love me some unintentionally bi-friendly gachas that make characters player-sexual

  18. Tossed. Probably because they found it was more frustrating/boring for players after it was solved. Now grims/scriptures are secondary objectives that only appear when the modify puts them in. Want to hunt for them for bonuses and missions? then you can do those missions. hated dealing with books? don't do the missions. Never have to do a jumping puzzle. And never have to hunt and carry a book if you don't want to.

  19. I hated doing them but I just let people who wanted them go do them themselves if they really care about it, only picked them up when they die, so I'm kind of indifferent on them being discluded

  20. Unreal Tournament is still a blast with bots, I have a soft spot for the early 3d as well

  21. I think people are still patching unreal tournament and unreal tournament 04. That's a testament to its staying power.

  22. I'm so mad i missed out on getting Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2 on Steam, I have em on PS3 somehow but they're gone on Steam unfortunately

  23. /uj I am pretty firmly in the former camp nowadays, don't have the energy for the latter and it's inevitable anyway because of people who are less informed on the topic

  24. At what point do they call everyone nazis ? I feel like they're making a good point

  25. I had the exact same issue and Googled it, found a suggestion on here from a while ago that sounded sus, asked the Discord and people on there said not to do it, then never got an actual solution

  26. /uj As someone who is knee deep in the whole waifu culture i really dont get why do people play these types of games. I understand the whole appeal to horny but that's all there is. The gameplay loop is boring, the characters/story arent interesting, and it's just softcore porn. At that point i'd just open a porn site and get it over with rather than sit there for 15 hours playing what is a horny musou game

  27. /uj I got the first western game in high school cuz it looked fun enough, had cute characters, and I had almost no 3DS games so why not?

  28. /uj the weirdest part of this to me is seeing 2b with guns

  29. /uj PUBG did it months ago in April and it looks about the same

  30. I don't think I remember a single VT2 mission name to be honest

  31. I literally only remember the maps by their setpiece, the names are all in one ear out the other to me

  32. I noticed this too, literally just using charge attack on ganyu, no overload or anything special, to clear a commission or ley line and it'll be jumping back in after I clear up everyone else

  33. Eisner had the creation of the 90s Disney animated films behind him. Dude had issues, but legitimately cared about doing new and interesting things that worked for them most of the time.

  34. I've been on a big Defunctland binge lately, and man most of it really feels like a "Eisner is a fuckup for these reasons" show lol

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