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  1. Nothing is guaranteed in terms of preventing spread on your body, but avoiding touching certain body parts is definitely advised to reduce the chances of spread.

  2. Tysm, I wish everyone with MKP has mild symptoms like you. Although I’m not gay (and have no sex activities too), do you think I should be careful with LGBTQ+ people?

  3. No, I don’t think you should do anything differently around gay people. That would be a really dark time if people started avoiding queer folks because of this.

  4. Yeah man, couldn’t agree with you more. This disease really scares tf outta me. Thanks again for sharing your experience mate

  5. That i was only able to sleep 3-4 hours every night to get my degree. They always think we exaggerate with how difficult it is

  6. I understand mate, I’ve heard many Eng students complain about this, so you’re not alone. Btw what subjects are the most difficult?

  7. Tysm man, I will surely pay attention to these subjects

  8. Hello, I’ve been accepted to your program recently. Could you please share your experience? I highly appreciate that.

  9. My bad, I don’t think of normalizing it ;)

  10. Can I DM you to show the field? Maybe it’s easier to spot my mistakes

  11. Avus blue was an individual color for the F80 M3's. I wasn't as much of a fan of the bright Yas Marina blue

  12. In my mind most answers above are only partially valid. Especially the clean air thing seems very handwavy to me.

  13. Could you explain the “adverse pressure gradients” please? Although I watch many videos on youtube, I don’t get why the flow’s velocity initially when the hit the car’s surface

  14. Look up "boundary layer/flow separation" and "energised boundary layer" for an idea of how this works

  15. What's a student's budget? As a student, I drove around in a beater of an E30 I bought for £500...

  16. That sounds bad. Could you recommend some fun-to drive cars which won’t make students like me go bankrupt?

  17. An E46! A lot of old BMWs, but ones that are cheaper and easier to learn to look after or gauge how much cars will cost. An E46 330i in manual is still a great car and they won't get much cheaper. They may even go up, especially the coupes.

  18. Thank you so much. I live in france so many cheap used cars here are from Renault, Peugeot and Citroen. You know, these old French cars are financially pain in the neck due to their poor reliability. I guess I will get a 2006 manual mazda 6 instead (or an e46 if I have enough money)

  19. CEO will get replaced by the board if making bad decisions.

  20. Someone told me that BMWs are selling like hot cakes which means the CEO would not be replace in the near future

  21. Even this model, or any model with the huge stupid grills? If even those are selling like hotcakes, then I can only tip my hat and acknowledge my feelings must be in the minority....

  22. Nah, i think many people would agree the design is suck, but maybe the performance is the main thing that boost sales

  23. These are the comfort seats wrapped in Nappa leather. They are super comfortable and the side bolsters do a good job hugging you.

  24. Thank you so much! Enjoy the masterpiece!

  25. Happy New Year to you too! Hope everything will go right in 2021

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