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  1. Just like the fucking Glider, nothing for Lisburn.

  2. These style of requests are a little dicey around the reddit ToS. If you do happen to know this person please notify them about the OP, and let them decide whether they wish to make contact, rather than pass any information directly to the OP without consent.

  3. A bot message and an auto lock (not delete) would probably be best. Info is out there, if someone sees it they can pass it on to the person described etc but they can't reply with something that causes an issue.

  4. I'd not even considered locking it, that's not a bad idea.

  5. I like em, just not on a fry... better on toast, ideally topped with melted cheese...

  6. And I just explained that we can make exceptions to any of our sub rules. The reasons I chose to for that one are none of your business, as that would be a breach of rule 5 without good reason for an exception, but make one I did.

  7. Rules for thee, not for me. No worries, got it now.

  8. If I'm in the ROI I'm probably going to something, so it's not really a fair statement. I was ecstatic last time as I was going to see The Book Of Mormon, but that's hardly a comment on the republic...

  9. Would ya not give it a shot outside of convenient use for events? It's fairly close like.

  10. It's not that I'm averse to doing so, it's just that I have no reason to. I've been to Donegal a few times to avoid the 12th, but again that's a holiday, not exactly a good metric to measure a place by, even if it is very pretty up there.

  11. First thing I showed my wife this morning as she opened one blurry eye. All she said was "you're looking well..." :<

  12. What’s everyone’s highlight so far then? Cuckoo’s nest is a standout to me for sure.

  13. Grumpy Munchkin Librarian honestly, gotta love a full committal.

  14. Holy shit the little football dude made out like a bandit.

  15. Sprucefield will be slammed as well, better off taking Saintfield or Moira.

  16. There have been three attempts to make an unofficial

  17. Go's "lets totally fuck up traffic in Belfast" is always a laugh... when you don't live anywhere near a Go.

  18. Honestly for that sort of money there's not many dealers out there, the private market is probably a better bet

  19. There are only 22 cars in the country for sale by trade on autotrader right now <= £2k. Used car market is still hot as shit, it's just not enough money.

  20. I'm sorry, I don't run in such high society as cash call winners.

  21. I love rock a doodle! I watched it so many times as a kid. Don Bluth is a legend

  22. A mechanic? For real though most places that do anything car related, kwik-fit do it, if you're lisburn area Lisburn car electrics will do it. I think even Halfords do it.

  23. can we do anything about the prevalence of the r-word? this sub really isn’t welcoming to disabled people at all tbh

  24. The posts do get removed if reported, that word does break rule 1, in all uses. Weeee could probably make it a bot trigger hmm. I'll put that on the feedback list for discussion.

  25. thank you! it’s usually in comments that i see it rather than posts.

  26. Sorry, comments or posts. I still use message board parlance where it's all.. posts. Showing my age there.

  27. Seen the owner ban a bunch of people for being 'capatalists'.

  28. Source that, Mastodon is decentralised, do you mean the UK server or what?

  29. Prefacing this by saying I also am not too sure how it works, but I think it's more like discord servers, than a single chatroom (twitter).

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