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  1. Edward Scissorhands will always have a special place in my heart

  2. I can't tell why, but it's wham - last christmas

  3. This is a real problem. I remember playing a final fantasy gacha and this one dude spent all his savings 20k+ one one single character. His wife found out and left him.

  4. "Mr. Harry Potter...i am your number one fan"

  5. Can you translate your sentence in one of your invented ones?

  6. Half of them don't even use sounds humans are capable of making, so im not sure how I'd type that in the latin alphabet :p

  7. Thank you! This somehow reads just like english

  8. Bin ich der einzige der "der Schuh des Manitu" gut gefunden hat? Ich war damals aber auch 12 Jahre alt.

  9. I personally would say it’s a view with a little bit of kitchen

  10. People really enjoy poopy-particles on their toothbrush

  11. A pre-fabricated home in a shipping container

  12. Old Times have been horrible. I remember my dad checked out a strip club with his fellas and next day he would wear banana hammocks for a few bucks.

  13. Stay away from the guy walking down the street having a full conversation with nobody.

  14. Stay home alone. Locked in my room. No food, no friends, no happiness.

  15. that's a little bit depressing, but if it makes you happ...hold on

  16. Breath of the Wild. It’s my therapy game, and it’s just fun in general

  17. 🍺 here’s something to drink cause you guys acting so thirsty

  18. Whenever a grown man throws tantrums around me, i respond like i do with kids and ask them questions. "Did you throw that playstation-controller because you were angry that your team didn't win? What else could you have done?"

  19. with friends of mine? Somehow. I feel like it fixed the temper of some. With a random stranger? Maybe. But be ready to throw hands.

  20. Yo Soul, will there ever be a Black Hippy album?

  21. I watched Blade a few days ago and i gotta say, it's still amazing.

  22. the one who knows when you die, or the one who knows how you die?

  23. my older silblings were horrible when i was young, so they made me watch horror movies like Pet graveyard or nightmare on elm street. And it wouldn't be that bad, if they wouldn't start scraching on my door or whispering my name in the middle of the night. So yes, i would definetly rate this as the worst thing, but well i can watch any horrormovie now without flinching, cause i'm dead inside.

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