1. We've just found this thread! So we're a little late to the party but loving this! IXION will be released on December 7, 2022 - and Guillaume David also composed the soundtrack for it. This is one of our trailers, feel free to listen to the music (there are plenty of other videos with his music in.)

  2. Best part is it looks like they still have the same guy making the music from WH40K: Mechanicus.

  3. Yes we do! Guillaume David has composed both soundtracks :)

  4. Wow, is this the official publisher's account? I know it's been 9 months, but I still have them wishlisted on Steam! Less than 3 weeks from launch!

  5. It is - hey there! :D amazing to hear... we're all hyped over in the IXION Discord with daily countdowns until release :P

  6. We hope you managed to play it! Fear not, we release IXION very very soon :D

  7. Oh, thanks for the reminder! I hope the launch goes well, and please, please release the soundtrack :)

  8. I'm stooooked. I had a friend find this and show it to me, and I'm so sad I missed the demo for it!

  9. On the plus side, there's not long to go now until IXION releases :D

  10. Truth! Haha, I'm gonna grab it as soon as it's available, and fortunately the wait won't be crazy long

  11. Indeed! Feel free to hop into our IXION discord to join the hype!

  12. The wreckage deconstruction and resource management reminded me of Frostpunk

  13. "Frostpunk in space" it's been described as by some of our players :P

  14. Just played it for a couple of hours. If the final game keeps the quality consistent then this could easily be my personal Game of the Year. Amazing Graphics, Animations, and pretty simple-to-understand U.I.

  15. Thank you! We're super hyped to release on December 7th :D

  16. It isn't just the composer from Mechanicus, it's the same game studio.

  17. We hope you enjoyed the demo! We're excited to launch IXION on December 7th :D

  18. Hey there, IXION is set to release on December 7th 2022. We regularly update the IXION Discord with all our news, which you can check out here:

  19. Is this coming to ps5 because it looks amazing and my pc is rubbish

  20. The release date has been moved until December 7, 2022. We made an officially statement here:

  21. Wow! Just $35 for this amazing game!? That's great. I can't wait. It's been awhile since I was waiting for a game to come out. Is there any sort of preorder on the cards? That way I can get it and play it as soon as I get home.

  22. There's no preorder, but the full release will be on PC on November 16th. We regularly update the Discord with any news and announcements, so feel free to pop in there for more info on the game and to interact with others :)

  23. We made the difficult decision to move the release date to give our small team of wonderful developers a little longer to deliver the game that lives up to the praise it has received so far. We made an official statement on

  24. It looks good! We did a similar comparison of our game, IXION, on

  25. We made a side-by-side comparison of a 2019 build of our game, IXION, and compared to what it looks like now. We've posted it on

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