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  1. I've gotta admit, I was wrong. When the Beale rumours started I dismissed it as nonsense. the guy turned down a Premiership team (albeit one circling the drain) to stay where he was so I couldn't fathom how he's then agree to join us. Obviously I was mistaken, curious to see what he'll bring to the table. God knows we'll need a spark from somewhere

  2. Photographed from a Canberra is my favourite joke out of everything they do. Makes me chuckle every time

  3. That's interesting as I was just about to ask on here whether the new characters has unique achievements. I'm assuming not?

  4. I prefer the Soviet Arm to be honest. I'm a sucker for the more classic look but also it feels like "Wakandan tech" is becoming the new "Stark Tech" for Marvel's way of saying "but it's better!"

  5. lets hope after WF’s success and Namor’s popularity that Universal doesn’t think of having em at gun point the way Sony does Marvel with Spider-Man

  6. if anything, WF's success means Universal can name their price? Why would they suddenly get coy when Marvel have shown the character is popular?

  7. I will not be ok if that's true but by god I can't think of anything to suggest it's not

  8. imagine climbing all those steps only to get King of the Castle'd the hell back off

  9. It's funny because everything which happens leads me to wonder if it was done intentionally.

  10. Thankfully. The snp would turn us into a third world country.

  11. Have you seen the state of an snp Scotland ?

  12. Yeah, it's on its arse and I'd be raging if we were the only ones but Tory England and Labour Wales and whoever's currently pretending to run Northern Ireland at the moment are all in the same boat, which would indicate the issue isn't an SNP problem but more wide ranging.

  13. Interesting - I took her immediate resistance to the idea of the courtship being that Davo Sculdun (father/money guy) was in with a seedy crowd - a borderline illegal/money laundering type. I have to rewatch Mon's scenes with Tay Kolma (Chandrillian Banker/Friend of Mon).

  14. I took it to be a simple case of her being against the idea of bartering away her daughters happiness, so to speak. Her freedom to choose.

  15. Is it just me or has every time someone said “against a whole garrison?” It actually hasn’t been that bad.

  16. part of me wonders whether that's intentional. It's highlighting just how complacent the Empire is getting. The threat of force has been enough to keep everyone in line because everyone is sleeping. So people throw around "against a whole garrison" in hushed tones but really when people stand up, there's not much stopping them.

  17. Very much an episode which knows it has a second season. It's like the big breath before the final verse.

  18. Yeah, I vaguely remember one of Jake’s inner monologues going “These people will never leave their homes willingly”, as he gradually realised the whole exercise was pointless

  19. that part always bugged me. it felt like lazy writing. History is filled with examples of people not moving when prompted and in almost all instances forced had to be used.

  20. not to mention most won't even give you the steam off their piss if you don't have that certification. Governments are wild when it comes to all the right forms and processes signed, completed and filed away. In triplicate

  21. The boy needed the push to be more than he was, very much like James Potter did. Dumbledore and McGonagal probably saw that and decided to act.

  22. what part of Dean's maybe dozen lines of dialogue in the series are you basing this on?

  23. I've seen so many photos like this. From many different wars and every time I see one my immediate thought is how I cannot even begin to comprehend how cold those guys must have been, stuck outside in shitty foxholes for months and months

  24. As a kid of the 80s and 90s, the lad from the animated series will always be in my head subconsciously. You can't blast through countless weekends watching the same episodes over and over and not have it leave an imprint.

  25. Given the way Japan was at the time, I'm not sure having a parachute on would have been a blessing or not

  26. probably not he definitely would have had a slow painful death as a POW

  27. Oh I know. And I think if he even got to the point of being considered a POW he'd count himself lucky. By 1945, some aircrews were straight up off after capture

  28. No, not in the slightest. NATO isn't going to cut off a limb to appease an aggressor. I mean hell...... the scenario you've mentioned is exactly why the Baltic countries joined NATO so if NATO would get sqweamish about defending them they would never have allowed them to join.

  29. Based on what we can see, it looks like the knife might be part of the tube thing he had at Saw’s base.

  30. Not a fan simply because I hate the idea, of anyone being the bat that's not Bruce.

  31. Yeah I've already gone. I was hanging about for the shit show but really, fuck him. I'll cheer spacex when we get to Mars but fuck the wee scroat

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