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  1. im getting “pooped” on lmao. i don’t want to insult you with asking your age. so i’m going to ask you to look at the poll and see people do actually notice facts clearly outweigh your child like mindset

  2. Ok bro sorry I hurt your feelings. Show me on the doll where safemoon touched you so I can do the same thing to your sister

  3. let question to you and be honest. are you Sfm Sam by chance lmao?

  4. Guys this is a glitch. If you check BSC scan you should see no transactions have been made.

  5. Cool that’s what I figured

  6. My one is the same only have £2.21 and zero coins

  7. Same. Sounds like a glitch. Don’t listen to anyone trying to send you links to “help you”

  8. Insanely bullish. I live in utah and there’s commercial real estate with his name on it everywhere

  9. I’m not reading all that but congratulations or sorry that happened

  10. What a fucking surprise end of the fucking birthday month and what do we get? fucking fuck all except a fucking cryptic empty fucking post Fuck

  11. I’d rather be a crybaby than a clown ass cultist #aRmY🥴

  12. It's OK I'm holding this til 2057 irregardless of John's inability to see how important the army is. Even though John could not give 2 fucks about the bagholders I will continue to buy the dip and hodl so he and his friends can enjoy financial freedom whole I keep telling me and my friends to hodl and wait for the windmills and Gambia and safemoon card amd exchange to all come out. My mom told me my i.q is about 32 which makes me pretty smart. Hodl til 2088 fam and let's bust these funders who question everything John is not doing err

  13. Bro tell your sister to clean her shit, I don’t like stank pussy

  14. My sister's six. So yeah I see how y'all rednecks do it in Utah. Probably fucked your mom too huh?

  15. Now enough talk, pull up or stfu pussy boi

  16. Agreed. OP is a moron. No point in posting this because as soon as he hit send he panicked. Which means HE KNEW WHAT HAPPENED. He doesn’t need to ask us, just wants attention from us on Reddit and for us to feel bad for him. I don’t though. Natural selection investing edition.

  17. I’ll be out in Utah for the spartan championship I’ll let you know

  18. Bet here’s my number 3854553944. Be sure to bring bitches I want them to watch. Actually just bright one bitch, because after I beat your ass she gonna wanna come home with me and my 911 turbo s only has 2 seats

  19. Let me know when you’re here bitch boy.

  20. Haha thank you, finally a sentence without vulgarity, keeping the community clean bro :) hope you have a nice day.

  21. A poor, dick eating dumbass*

  22. We had so much dips and Tbh we all have enough of dips and bought so much more for lower DCA no one wants to sell, doesnt matter what happens to bitcoin. We all want to See safemoon at 0,01 for the next Party to celebrate.

  23. I have an idea, stop crying about price like a little girl. If you can’t handle it sell. This is how crypto has always been and anyone bitching about price honestly I hope you sell or lose all your money

  24. Y’all need to stop crying about price. You sound like a bunch of little girls. This is literally how crypto has always been.

  25. You don’t consider yourself a bad player? You’re a terrible player. Seeing this clip makes me hope you stop playing ranked, mfs like you are the reason it’s hard to climb to onyx. I’m hard stuck in diamond because I get teammates like you that have autism

  26. This is a perfect opportunity for all the fanboys out there to look at other more credible safemoon sources. More well balanced views like Arjays channel

  27. You clearly don't know crypto and also only own safemoon. It's okay. One day you'll grow up and play in the big leagues.

  28. Imagine being triggered because someone doesn’t like ur favorite YouTuber… yikes

  29. Repeat what I say. The highest form of intelligence.

  30. You know nothing about intelligence. Intelligent people do their research. You do not.

  31. Don‘t like the tone though. Not good if we start getting disrespectful towards each other.

  32. How about stop being such a baby? Yeah I like this idea more. 😂😂😂

  33. This comment won’t age well, talk to u soon

  34. What you were told a month ago still applies. The project is not even 3 months old. You weren’t the sharpest tool in the shed growing up, were you? I think it’s cute you consider one month enough time to prove your point. 😂🤡🤡🤡

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