1. Have make, model and serial number of all your firearms tucked away somewhere safe.

  2. Just saw this in MHI group on FB and said to myself "I saw that somewhere already"

  3. Isn't that the old Red Jacket Firearms (Sons of Guns on Discovery TV show) under that Joe guy that had the FFL for RJF?

  4. Guess I should have given some more thought to the question. He’s 16, not looking for a gun to hunt with, he’s used and knows how to operate firearms and has shot with both 9mm and .223 caliber guns before

  5. 10/22 is a good choice, maybe an AR if you are worried about a ban,

  6. That is how you learn. Learn from your mistakes for the next trip.

  7. I have had my Beltman belt for over 8 years. I wear it every day. I say Beltman.

  8. Look up beef stew and substitute whatever wild game you have

  9. Drive in 2wd. Just be paying attention to throttle control and braking distances. 4wd might get you out of a ditch but by using 4wd you tend to go faster which increases the chance of losing control.

  10. The problem with any test before firearm ownership (in the US) is the question as to who makes the test and who grades the test. It could very easily be abused (MLK is an example of this).

  11. Makes me think of Brandon Lee dying on The Crow movie set

  12. Orbital sander with fine grit sandpaper could help. Sandblasting at home can be done but even cheap equipment is pricy.

  13. Been waiting 2 months to hear about my vehicle registration. I am glad my TN tags are good until March of 23. License is easy to change. Registration not so much.

  14. I mean it feels weird to have a PA license and TN tags but I tried to register it and was told I would get a call back.

  15. And if the parent doesn't have the skills to teach but has time and resources?

  16. Then you learn right along with your kids. Youtube has many videos to help learn skills. Then get your hands dirty.

  17. Chris Philbrook's Adrian's Unded Diary is pretty good

  18. Razorblade to cut as much as you can off then scrub it with steel wool. If you have access to a grinder you could use a wire wheel to get it off.

  19. You can still get the "Enhanced" TN Handgun Carry Permit that has reciprocity with 27 or 28 states.

  20. Get a lawyer even though none of this is your fault. Pretty sure you are supposed to ship FFL to FFL so that would be on the seller.

  21. Private parties can legally ship to an FFL, some FFLs choose to not accept from private parties.

  22. I learned something new today. Thank you

  23. None of my Pmags have come with dust covers WTF?

  24. Gen 2 (M2) don't come with dust covers. Gen 3 (M3) do. You can also buy Gen 2 dust covers separately.

  25. Why not start with iron sights on the .22?

  26. What about all the stuff that builds up in the cast iron? I stopped using ours because vapors coming out seem kinda grody from the build up… I have read so many different things.

  27. When I was a kid my parents burned wood in the winter. My mom always had an old cast iron pot on top of the wood stove to boil off and put some humidity in the air. It was an old dirty cast iron pot and it was only used to put moisture in the air. I am not exactly sure what you are asking about keeping it clean. The water boils off and you add more water.

  28. Maybe water in your parts is different too

  29. We didn't have hard water where I grew up so maybe that's it

  30. The author of that article, James Tarr, has a hell of a book called Dog Soldiers.

  31. Check out Son of the Black Sword by Larry Correia

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