1. Arrest me, this thread isnt about who can be the bigger ass-hole. It's about spreading bullshit misinformation and pontificating about things you have no clue about. I will continue being an ass to anyone if they ask for it.

  2. Your missing the point of what he is saying. When whale wallets receive reflections (which are billions in reflections) they then sell the reflections they earn which comes from the liquidity pool from investors and in return the price does not move because the wale wallets sell them. Say I invest $1,000, the price should move up since I’m adding I’m money, but as that happens, whale wallets sell what was bought therefore canceling out the action. He’s not spreading misinformation, he’s giving an opinion and explaining a possibility to what’s happening. Stop being ignorant.

  3. No, it’s very early actually. No where near too late.

  4. How do I buy some? I have some Saitama on Coinbase Wallet that I want to convert into RBIF but idk how to. Can someone explain how?

  5. So you are saying they wouldn't want to list on an exchange since the top wallets are making money off of reflections? Makes sense.

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