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  1. I fattened up first as best i could. I also made sure to find a good doctor immediately upon getting a positive test and asking for meds (which he was happy to help with thankfully!

  2. Obviously they were implying that it feels weird / out of place / not the best term to call someone thats bigger than most adults, "kiddo."

  3. As someone who is 5’3” there are some elementary school kids bigger than me, so perspective is important.

  4. Where did OP imply or say they're not nice to their students? Not using the term "kiddo" denotes lack of respect for the student?

  5. I have an easier time being understanding of mistakes with kids (of any kid age, up to like 20 or so) than adults.

  6. Your story is pretty much on par with mine. Shooting, sudden pains lasting a few seconds but several times a day. Went to dr got an mri. Was referred to neurologist for a “blip.” Neurologist said the scan had nothing of concern and diagnosed trigemnal neuralgia.

  7. One of my concerns is after my MRI I’ve been prescribed the same med as before which didn’t really do much. The pain is there since 2 months now and everyday. I was just told that I have “one variant of migraine”. So confusing

  8. The condition is very rare. I think i got lucky that my neurologist specializes in migrains or I may not have been diagnosed. I moved and got a new neurologist and i need to drop them because they dont seem to understand my condition. You may look for a new neurologist who specializes in migraines.

  9. I wouldn't keep glass, plastic, or non-canned food close to the tube. Serving trays, cookie sheets, cutting boards, muffin tins, large flat wide cooking pans.

  10. I have an appointment with a dr today, I'm just hoping it won't be as useless as the other appointments I've had with doctors up until now. Thanks for that link

  11. Yes advocating for yourself is the hardest step because its easy for doctors to dismiss our symptoms. Unfortunately you often have to do the research for the doctor sometimes before you can get help.

  12. You may want to ask the school district in your area the best way to get into the field. I know there are alternative routes to licensure for my state and all sorts of exemptions.

  13. Lots of YouTube. I enjoy video games but didn’t have the energy to play so id watch youtubers play instead.

  14. Its actually fairly new knowledge that HG is in fact a medical condition and not us as women either trying to lose weight or somehow mentally rejecting our pregnancies. Its not surprising that this guy has no idea whats going on. Even young doctors may not know much about it because theres just not a lot of information out there yet and even less knowledge about it being passed on.

  15. I’m a physician in training (resident) and they definitely teach HG in medical school and test about it; I think it’s a compassion problem more than knowledge gap if the younger docs act like they don’t understand.

  16. When was HG introduced into medical texts is my next question i guess. I had a pair of OBGYNs as my first baby doctor (married couple shared practice) and neither of them seemed to get that i was horribly ill. For reference my first born is only 4.5.

  17. Personally id probably make comments like “yeah, having lots of time off to go to the hospital for life saving treatment can be very relaxing.” Or “would you also say (insert comments) to someone receiving treatment for cancer?”

  18. It’s a generalization and there are obviously exceptions (i.e. round pupils). It’s believed that ambush predators have vertical pupils. But again… lions and tigers ambush but have round eyes

  19. Its too bad the article requires a ny times subscription but it does sound interesting. It does specify ambush predators in the title tho which are a specific type of predator.

  20. Colace and other stool softeners do nothing for me. My constipation regime included soaking in warm water with epsom salt (adds water to the colon), caffeine, lots of water, walking. Do all of those and it helps move stuff along for me.

  21. Preaching to the choir perhaps, but: different methods of lacing the shoes result in them being tighter or looser at the toes, at least if the shoes are of somewhat flexible material. Namely

  22. Thanks for this! I always feel like my toes have no room in my shoes so i will give this a try!

  23. In a facinating podcast by Janet Lansbury, she interviews a pediatric nutritionist and psychologist, Ellyn Satter, who specifically talks about putting sweets and dessert on the plate directly along with every meal.

  24. For a slightly older kid, i have a drawer low enough down so my child can grab her own bowls, plates, cups and utensils. This applies to anything else as well like the snack drawer in the fridge (we dont have a fancy fridge, its a simple 2 verticle doors model and we just placed a bin on a low shelf she can reach) so that the inevitable “im hungryyyyy” can be taken care of on her own.

  25. None, in my opinion. But a whole mess of people in your neck of the woods think otherwise.

  26. The “whole mess of people” is typically the minority but they are the loudest and make for the best news coverage. The media enjoys stirring up shit because it gets them views. People like to argue and defend one side or the other (either way without much actual knowledge much of the time).

  27. Respectfully, it's pitiful to say that people can be reasonably expected to behave ignorantly until they've experienced diversity and faced consequences for their prejudices.

  28. Im sorry how am I tolerating the behavior by explaining how it happens by answering your question?

  29. Once upon a time nobody knew anything about dna or genetics besides if something came up in a family once in awhile or more frequently. The same levels of risks and genetic carriers of potentially devastating illness was also the same, but blissful ignorance was also part of that.

  30. Until it makes your baby vomit horrendously due to a rare type of food allergy known as FPIES. People stopped bothering me after that lol…

  31. My mom was a teacher at a school with 5 boys all called Ramon and the second name started with a b c d and e. There are some special parents around for sure

  32. I frequently had another kid in my class (we were same grade) throughout the years and our first names were the exact same but last names started with B and P. Abbreviating the last name was equally unhelpful as his handwriting was atrocious!

  33. The power being produced by your solar power is so low that you are better off deconstructing them and putting some bristle blossom plants. If you hover over the solar panels they will show you their power output.

  34. I went to library story time a lot as well as other free kid programs in my area and scoped out friends with similarly aged kids. I specifically did this with the intent of a weekly excuse to meet up such as planned playdates and such. After awhile we became good enough friends that we help each other with date night childcare or daytime childcare. Maybe its a couple hours playdate for my older kid or they take the baby for a couple hours when the older has a dr appointment but either way having that network to lean on is vital.

  35. That is absolutely crazy to me that your dr is recommending formula based only off of her percentile. Every baby develops at their own pace and in different ways. My first baby stayed around 10-15%ile but was perfectly healthy as I produced enough for a village.

  36. So im only mentioning this because shes two weeks old. Her growth curve isnt super established yet. My daughters growth curve for height for example started at 98 and curved down to the 10th by the time she was a year old. This was her normal curve. Its not like something happened to make her less tall but the difference between percentages is like soooo miniscule. I think for a 1 year old theres literally like 3 inches between 10th and 90th percentile. Weight is similar. Especially at two weeks old.

  37. You taking care of yourself WAS you taking care of your child. Sometimes it doesnt look like you expect but its still valid. And she WILL catch up, but again, may not be like you expect. She just needs some time with friends and such.

  38. When you are genuinely struggling and stressed out, ITS OK TO PUT BABY DOWN AND WALK AWAY FOR A BIT.

  39. Height gives a physical advantage when used. But the act of being tall doesn’t automatically give you better physical control of your body compared to people who are less tall. If a person happens to be tall and good at sports, they have a sports advantage over someone who is short and good at sports (for sports where tallness matters). That is why basketball players tend to be tall.

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