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  1. Torschlusspanik. The feeling you get in your mid-late twenties when you have the feeling that opportunities are closing for you in life, forever.

  2. I must look for a German edition. I’m in the US, so wish me luck.

  3. Good game, I remember swapping it for a game of mine when I was younger. Don’t remember what game though

  4. Not calling himself african-american since he was born in south africa and has us american citizenship.

  5. Manager of a private island of some celebrity who isn't on it 11 months a year. I manage the maintamce of the island and live there. 1 month of vacatian which I spend with my family.

  6. Thank you for your positive view on life. You made me start drawing again and having fun, after almost 15 years of forgetting how great it is to draw.

  7. The caffeine in black tea is slowly released in the body and you don't fall into a hole after a few hours.

  8. Designing a healthcare syetem that benefit the young and healthy and destroy the lives of the poor and unhealthy. Make them pay a shitload of money once they are ill and can't work anymore.

  9. I am always stressed in the morning with all the tasks I have to do. So I started making some of them before going to bed the day prior. Like preparing food for work. Preparing food for my kids for school and putting new clothes out for the next day.

  10. I can see him having a Mr Burns button to call the hounds

  11. Yeah. But instead of hounds there will be guards with a free ticket to syberia.

  12. Nintendo. The Switch is the best. I can play the witcher while taking the bus to work.

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