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  1. I can't make visual images in my mind. It's called aphantasia. I have an inner monolgue though.

  2. Visualization from dreams is different from consciously creating visual imagery. It's a entirely different cognitive process. I don't understand it fully but I know that my own personal experience is that I can have very vivid dreams and even experience visualization right before going to sleep which is called hypnagogic imagery. Its considered more as hallucinating.

  3. Today I learned that’s called hypnagogic imagery, I know as soon as they start to kick in I’m about to have a good night of sleep.

  4. I disagree, I think by 2030 there will be AR/VR sunglasses, and in time those will replace smartphones.

  5. How can vr be in sunglasses form factor? The open design of sunglasses means vr in that form factor will suffer from a small FOV and lots of light leak, these two things limit how immersive VR can be. You can fix the light leaks probably by inserting an accessory but that adds a lot of friction which the sunglasses design was supposed to fix...and then there’s nothing you can do about FOV, you always be limited to by FOV covered by the glasses frames

  6. Depending on the frames itself the fov could be huge, also don't forget that over 50% of the world population already wears glasses (like me :)) and we are okay with the fov the glasses bring for us.

  7. I still haven’t played joe’s adventure because I’m surprisingly bad at the first mission, I can’t pass it no matter how hard I try

  8. The one where have to sneak inside a cabin in snow, kill a witness or something, you have to do it without alarming the guards and there are way too many of them.

  9. "When in Rome" I say, but apparently the rainbow coalition needed a pacifier. So stupid for athletes who are supposed to be there to play a game to throw a damn fit about not being able to wear rainbow stuff. Just play the game and keep your stupid political views in your own land.

  10. It’s not just Muslims and Christians. The majority of the world is not pro-lgbt.

  11. You don’t have to be pro lgbt, but you shouldn’t be actively anti lgbt like these countries, being neutral is all that’s really needed.

  12. Im pretty sure this is fake. Its not the AI detecting a skeleton and applying layers. Its animation made previously shown with ar.

  13. It’s not fake, if you’re a dev you can even follow a guide by the creator of this app to make a replica of it for your own uses :

  14. To put things in perspective, this guy probably fought in actual wars.

  15. But still, for his age a jump scare in VR could be a quick way to get a little heart attack.

  16. I got my aunt to play the nfl game and she tried to make a run and ran right into the fireplace frame. The headset and her are totally fine. Was the highlight of everyone’s day though lmao

  17. that's a very weird take considering neither M1 or M2 are found on iPhones - despite heavy marketing about killer mobile performance, these chips are being used for their desktop line.

  18. The m1 and m2 are used in MacBooks and iPads, that literally makes them mobile chips.

  19. that's not small enough for a headset

  20. Yet they are putting one in their headset + 2 other low level chips.

  21. All you mfs begging for Vice city didn’t realize how spread out and barren most of Florida is

  22. I don’t look forward to a completely flat map in gta 6, thankfully gta games are only loosely based on real life states so hopefully rockstar can sneak in a mountain range somewhere in the map.

  23. For those wondering, this is Microsoft's Flight Simulator.

  24. Lmao this can never be in gta...a true to scale map in gta games is impossible.

  25. That’s the easiest part about ar, and FYI they had a stereoscopic mode in ARKit for years but it’s an internal feature, probably used to prototype and test for a head mounted device.

  26. No, but META had to document everything they make due to them buying up all the VR companies left and right.

  27. Lmao they even tried to get Apple to reveal their own VR plans as proof that they aren’t a monopoly lol, but Apple’s lawyers called that sneaky and demanded that the judge blocks the request.

  28. Better than Jordan’s ....no seriously, what happened to that girl, I loved listening to her years ago, but now this is how I remembered that she even exists

  29. that show fucking sucked. so overrated its insane. goes nowhere. like lost but more condensed

  30. Enough People loved it enough, it doesn’t have to be good for everyone and that doesn’t make it overrated or underrated

  31. no one was behind it. they said her. the dad. and the brother. that show was terrible

  32. It was good, of course they didn’t reveal who was behind it, we were left with a bunch of red herrings...makes me excited for s02

  33. They're not fighting Islam. They are fighting a cruel, corrupt and oppressive government.

  34. This is why things won’t get better, cruel, corrupt and oppressive governments is the symptom, Islam is the problem causing the symptom. Let’s not sugarcoat it, it’s a very outdated religion with a strong attitude against reformation, very few Muslims are willing to practice their religion in away that’s acceptable by the modern world (basic example, not being bigots towards others) the vast majority believe that Islam is perfect and superior to any other faith, I’m an ex Muslim and the stuff that’s poured into our brains since childhood is crazy

  35. False alarm, apparently it’s fake news, zuck’s creepy avatar days are not over yet.

  36. Oh for sure, that's a big part of the show and I actually appreciate that aspect. I was more referring to the English-speaking mains like Maura, Daniel, the child, and the captain. Now that I've finished the season and have a better idea of the bigger picture, some of it makes sense and some of it still doesn't. It took so many episodes for Maura to explain to the captain what she knew and what her connection was to the ship, when there was little reason to hide it in the first place. The kid wouldn't tell her anything because "they're listening," but "they" continued to listen despite everything that was happening, so what was the point of it? Why did Daniel not try to tell Maura what was going on from the beginning, instead waiting until shit was hitting the fan? I have a whole host of questions about Daniel and the kid + their motivations, but it's just too much lol. Overall it was frustrating but interesting viewing. I just hope if there's a Season 2, the writing for the characters' actions is a bit more consistent.

  37. Trying to watch it now. I'll finish it since I'm in Episode 5 and would like an explanation, but it is most definitely like Lost in that its mystery relies ENTIRELY on characters who cannot fucking communicate. Anytime somebody asks somebody else a question, they are pointlessly vague and elusive. Why? Because it adds mystery and conflict. Does it make any sense? Nope. I loved Lost back in the day, but I lost my patience with that type of storytelling when we realized how pointless it was. 99% of the conflicts could be avoided if the characters you know, sat down and actually told each other wtf is going on.

  38. Loved the atmosphere but was hoping they’d go the elder gods, supernatural route. Still liked what I got and will check out S2 but i love me a good period ghost story so I had high hopes for that based on the trailer.

  39. I felt the same way, I thought yay we’re finally gonna get a supernatural horror show based on the Bermuda Triangle but nope, instead they went with the worst trope ever ( it was a dream all this time!)...however it was very well executed and I love good sci-fi so I enjoyed it a lot.

  40. to me it sounds that the tv company would be better at doing vr headsets than a social media company.

  41. still better than a social media company... they could not even do a tv at all

  42. Why should they make a TV? The social media company is doing a virtual reality headset and kicking everyone’s ass while doing that.

  43. Shuuuh I’m doing a reverse rick roll, stopping people from clicking links by telling them they’ll get rick rolled.

  44. Apple has something that those other companies will never have: the power of brand envy.

  45. Not Clips - app clips, a feature Apple released a while ago to (their own) great fanfare and got roughly zero adoption by developers.

  46. Tbf that feature makes more sense for AR/VR...when you think about it it’s really really obvious for the kind of interconnected Experiences this technology wants to bring to the world.

  47. I guess the ray tracing aspect could be hardware based on the Apple device then. That seems like the only way they'd actually be able to match the lighting on the object to the real world lighting.

  48. No, they explain how they did it, I don’t remember the details but it involved the lidar and adding shadows later, it was simpler than you think...the pillow wasn’t rendered at all, it was a real pillow, the light coming from the environment wasn’t ray traced, the natural light was reacting to a real physical object that’s why it looked very realistic (because it was real haha), the only thing that was rendered was the texture on top of the pillow.

  49. optimization of course meaning mostly graphics from a generation or so ago.

  50. I'm not sure what they could really add other than reading pupil dilation? But you're eyes being in the dark or just things like scary games can cause that. They could add a body temp sensor but not sure why they would spend the extra in it. I think it's more likely to see things on the software side for use in hospitals for treatment or therapy for patients. It could be useful in mental illness treatment or for those in hospice or the elderly. I'd like to see headsets show up at the children's hospital where they could really help them feel better for a bit.

  51. I mean it’s controversial but the data extracted from an iris scan alone can detect and predict tons of health issues...kinda like how some people have used the Apple Watch but on a different more intimate level.

  52. Isn’t the point that the metaverse is the sum of all of these verses?

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