1. Don’t wait for FB’s support, nor waiting for a reply, you won’t get one

  2. You won’t get taken down for circumventing, you need to have back u profiles/bms/pages and keep rinsing and repeating until one sticks

  3. Won’t they notice when the new aged account is some random person and I changed all the info to match my IG ?

  4. No they don’t care about circumventing, its just FB algo is banning everyone right now with no support

  5. Any advice while buying aged pages?

  6. Hey, yeah buy an aged page thats atleast a few years and more than 500 + followers

  7. Buy aged pages / reinstated pages and keep swapping until it works. This is the only solution to pages right now

  8. Don’t ever wait on those you need to get new aged pages with 1000 followers and reinstated pages and just keep page swapping until it works

  9. Page bans are the normal right now, this is what is working.

  10. Nice results - what kind of funnel are you running? Webinar?

  11. Hey brotha, no it’s just a high ticket product. I go with high perceived value products

  12. What kind of targeting are you doing ? Broad , interest ?

  13. Page bans are the most common right now. You can get aged pages with 1000 followers or reinstated pages these tend to stick longer.

  14. If I keep creating pages that get restricted is it possible my whole Facebook itself can get disabled? Also do you know what could trigger these pages to get banned? TIA

  15. Do you mean your ad account or your whole profile?

  16. There has been a wave ban of pages/ads account its normal right now. FB support is useless and you won’t get your account back.

  17. This is normal, FB bans everyone. You need to have multiple profiles with aged assets to be running on FB. Supports are useless you will never get any reasonable response and they’ll just waste your time and your business will be dead in no time

  18. What are you trying to get out of this though?

  19. I need to speak to a representative regarding a disabled instagram account.

  20. They won’t reinstate it, once disabled it’s gone you need to have backups in order to be running on fb

  21. This is normal every advertiser is getting hit with it. You need to have multiple profiles with aged assets right now

  22. Fb support is useless and waiting for fb may or may never happen. 99.9% of the time they’ll just restrict your account.

  23. Well, we requested a page review and it was rejected and says is "permanently restricted " and it's their " final decision ".. but ideally I'd like to get the clients' page reinstated anyway. Maybe the partner support can do it? I really have no idea, I only know that we're badged partners but have never contacted with them for anything yet.

  24. Well i mean if you have the upper hand in being their partner give it a try. But support is pretty much useless now a days on fb. You can get an insider to unrestrict the profile but thats pretty costly. You can also buy aged pages from sellers and then change the name. They tend to stick.

  25. Thanks for your advice, I have a couple of follow-ups if you don't mind.

  26. Also the only real way to survive on FB is to buy Immortal BM + Immortal Profile and then stick new ad accounts in them that way your bm and profile will never go down.

  27. What's your ad creative? Your CTR is going to depend on that. And, out of interest, what are your Quality Ranking, Engagement Ranking and Conversion Rate Ranking?

  28. I’m doing a video ad, manual placements: fb/ig feed ig stories and reels

  29. There's no such thing as a dumb question. Your previous threads and comments show me nothing more than the thought I had about you originally. I'm not responding to this for you. It's for everyone else. You're combative and unwilling to take a screenshot of something so basic, and you literally gave no real information. You say it's working for you, and I'm glad for your success if that's your goal.

  30. 😂😂 heres a karen everyone. Someone who thinks they know everything but yet has nothing to show. Why don’t you make your own threads since you’re such a genius and help out everyone?

  31. Buy “blue tick” verified page instead. Aged page with 10k + followers can’t stick long enough for me

  32. How much do you pay for your blue tick?

  33. The thing is its not your fault. There has been a wave ban of pages, what you can do is buy aged pages with 500+ followers and page swap them in there

  34. What type of business owner would just wait around LOL. JTA lets connect brother.

  35. See u next year in the same spot crying about fb and how doing the right thing will work out..

  36. This is normal in FB, you need to buy aged accounts and aged pages with a residential ip or multilogin, the set up is easy but it’s just a little annoying.

  37. If your ctr is 0.29% that means theres little to no interest on the ad itself. Is it a photo image? Video?

  38. That's just showing to everyone that you business is not legitimate.

  39. I’d rather have a business running rather than no business. This is happening to businesses with millions of ad spend also.

  40. Facebook doesn’t care about the rules anymore. There was a full wave ban for every account. Its normal, you need a series of hacks to bypass their system

  41. ^ thats not correct. For pages right now whats working is warming up 5-10 pages posting everyday with any posts. And then page swapping when it gets disabled.

  42. FB just has inconsistencies it’s a normal check they do. You’ll need a series of hacks to bypass their system and let you run ads.

  43. What are those series of hacks? I am having the same issue :/

  44. I have videos on it but people have been reselling it so i’m doing it as a service now if you want me to help you, please dm me

  45. So facebook can take it down? I’ll pass..

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