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  1. I live in Australia and would move to the USA for the cheap housing but health insurance is a sticking point unfortunately

  2. If you’re able to move to the USA from Australia you probably have job skills that would land you in a place that has plenty fine insurance

  3. You're a psychopath for letting your 5 year old use a gun at all. You're the reason we need common sense gun laws, you lack any common sense.

  4. I’m gonna just assume you didn’t grow up with firearms and have no clue how to raise kids around them. This mentality is why there are countless gun related injuries/negligent discharges/deaths. To safely use or be around a firearm a person must respect it, not be scared of it, or underestimate the power/devastation it can bring. I would much rather introduce my Child to it as he grows up, teach him how it works, how to be safe, and how to handle it in a controlled way. Me helping him learn to shoot in the yard with a single shot .22 is just as safe or even safer than walking across a Walmart parking lot to get groceries. Think about this, would you rather a kid learn like that or see movies and video games about cool guns, then find one at a friends house some day when they are 6 or 7 and start playing with it ? He knows already not to mess with real guns, he knows not to mess with ammo, (and yes, I keep my guns locked up) but in the event he found and did get one, at least he has a basis already to keep it pointed away from people. It’s a start, I don’t just turn my 5 year old free with a semi automatic rifle and tell him to go shoot shit, but the learning has to start somewhere, why not now?

  5. Assume all you want, I grew up hunting, my dad served 27 years in the army and we had lots of guns and I still do. My dad bought me my first gun, an SKS, at 16. You're an irresponsible psychopath who knows nothing about gun safety or the psychology of a child. Just because the NRA tells you it's good to put a gun in a 5 year old hands doesn't mean it's smart or responsible to do so. Holy fuck. Wild that you dually accept that you wouldn't leave your child alone with a gun but also think they can understand and be trained to use one. You are quite literally insane, Giving your child false confidence with his abilities with a firearm is infinitely more dangerous than teaching them to treat it like a fire until they reach an age where they can at least extrapolate potential consequences. Do better.

  6. We heard each other out, we gain nothing from arguing and name calling, have a good one.

  7. Example A. If it was my free choice I would be hunting every day that I wasn’t at work, the wife doesn’t like when I’m gone every day, therefor I have to cut way back on the days I go just to be around the house

  8. Swamp donkey means so many things in so many regions. I see alot of people saying moose, you got a nice doe, around here it means gnarly racked big old buck in

  9. That’s not bbq lol , that’s grilled

  10. I would eat that next year lol , it’s fine

  11. Just about messed up on the reverse into the rut, should have kept momentum through it then forward through it again

  12. The guy that fell came close to hitting the back of his head on the curb.

  13. I think he would have if that ramp was a curb

  14. I’ve actually seen something similar man, and It is fixable but you can’t force it right this second. This happened to my friends dog. Basically the dog understands gunshots, and understands retrieving, but just wasn’t able to put them together and understand what you were asking of him so got over stimulated, worked up, and shut down. (My buddies dog tried to haul ass back to the truck) You need to have a very very controlled environment where you can act out a very simple hunt and once he is able to hear the guns go off and retrieve something in a calm controlled manor the lightbulb will go off and you will have a new dog.

  15. You didn’t age very well, but cool plant

  16. When a doe gets nervous or suspicious and does that huff sounding warning to warn other deer there could be trouble. Some does get pretty smart and start trying to pick out stands and such

  17. aaah! okay okay... thank you for the thorough explanation. Please excuse my lack of knowledge and experience.

  18. No problem , if you haven’t heard it yet, you will at some point if you’re in the woods enough!

  19. So, a guy was helping your dad look for a deer, found the deer down and hurt, finished it, they then took it back and your dad skinned it and gave it to him?

  20. This is probably semantics but is Corona virus an infection? Isn’t a virus different from an infection?

  21. And infection is an infection no matter virus , bacteria, fungus or alien cell of some sort

  22. Visit a city with a Whataburger . Eat there, Wendy’s is pretty garbage. Popeyes is decent

  23. Lmao. All these people ragging on hunting a feeder never hunted the south and it shows. We don't have luxury of the kind of deer hunting they have in other states. They think we chose to hunt like this? It's what you have to do for the land we're given.

  24. I hate hunting over feeders in the woods and I hate hunting in a shooting house over a green field, but i do, because the alternative is hunting every free day I have during the season and seeing a handful of does if lucky. I don’t claim to be a great hunter but I’ve given it hell in Florida for years, and the only time I kill decent deer is when I go to Indiana and hunt 1/10 as hard as I do in Florida.

  25. Dang, those usually have quite a wallop

  26. I think I missed him though. Got a different buck today, one shot through the heart. Went about 50 yards and fell.

  27. I‘m not familiar with coyotes, we don’t have them in Europe. but that doesn’t look like one. I would never shoot at something when I‘m not absolutely sure of it‘s gender, its approximate age, and of course its species.

  28. Sexing a coyote before shooting has to be kinda difficult tbh

  29. Indeed I just filled my rifle tag 4 shots later... heart lungs lungs and lungs and heart. The heart is ate so no pictures to show his chest cavity was obliterated completely with a rifle... he went about 440 yards not fast but he did and I did confirm all 4 shots hit and all four shots were vital hits I wanted him down quick. Some DEER JUST DONT DIE

  30. Won’t need the 22, if he really ate that much minerals he will be dead somewhere

  31. You gotta perfect the amount of alcohol and timing. Knowing when you got enough momentum to get where you want to be without over doing it.

  32. Took me till I was about 27

  33. People from west say “ice chest” instead of cooler

  34. 60 is that hard to pull?? OP are you an adult? If so, it’s a good deal at the 350 range. I always thought of 60# as a low draw weight for an adult male.

  35. I agree, I’ve shot 70 lb ever since I was in my teens… tbh I thought that was the standard weight most everyone shot for hunting. I recently taught my BIL to shoot and it was too much weight right at first, backed a bow to about 55-60 and he built up to 70 within a month or two. If you’re an adult male I doubt 60 would be too hard learn on, especially if you took it easy at first

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