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That's a little funny

When laughter meets percussion

  1. “Sorry your parents didn’t believe in talking snakes, guess I’ll torture you forever just because lol” - God (probably)

  2. A down season is anything less than a Championship I guess.

  3. Not really. Losing to a pretty bad LSU team and letting UT set records against us when we have the most talented team in football is a down season.

  4. I would say that we were wrong in our analysis that this team was the most talented.

  5. I’d say they were probably correct and we just have mediocre coordinators that aren’t utilizing them or coaching them up to their potential

  6. To be honest if the offense was 25% better we would be undefeated. They were supposed to be unstoppable this year and then the playcalling and wr coaching/execution was so bad.

  7. We need a change on both sides of the ball. The last 2 years have shown that

  8. I agree that it's time for Pete to go probably. But there's not anyone else burning in mind that would be way better to replace him? I still think he's gone.

  9. I mean, we’re Alabama and we have the greatest coach of all time. We should be able to open up the checkbook and pick whoever we want

  10. Bama winning 10 games and beating Auburn: worst most disappointing season in 10 plus years.

  11. Damn gonna miss Bryce. Dude deserved better the last 2 years

  12. Bama earned zero style points to show the cfp. 49-14 would have been a statement.

  13. Our statement is “not this year with these coordinators please”

  14. This team culture is a major problem, it would take multiple years with real coordinators to fix it

  15. At some point you have to say maybe it’s not the players it’s the coach who has been here for four years. The players aren’t being developed and aren’t in the correct positions. The fact is there are teams with worse players who have better defenses.

  16. Most of us have said that the last 2 years. We have the most talented roster in college

  17. Pete Golding just dropped Anderson into coverage

  18. L8r… been in the doghouse for a reason and it’s time to get rid of the “energy vampires”. Don’t have any inside knowledge on him but if he’s already announced he’s leaving while still being suspended, it doesn’t seem like a great sign. On the other hand, good luck to the young man in the future, wherever he ends up. He could always decide to stick it out and stay and compete if he wants another shot but if it ain’t meant to be-then it ain’t meant to be!

  19. Interesting that Saban said we didn’t have any “energy vampires” in the preseason

  20. We sure do have a shit load of “mental errors” on both sides of the ball

  21. Odds are this is the first time since 2013 that the national champ didn’t beat Bama, or be Bama.

  22. I don’t think an above average team loses to FSU and gets blown out by UT at home. Lsu looked like a high school team bs UT. We just have differing views on average and above average. No big deal

  23. I’d have us in the top 20. I think we would lose to a lot of top 25 teams.

  24. Musk said he intended to lift the ban. Might be afraid of advertisers . He even announced vote Republican

  25. That “vote Republican” certainly turned out well for him…

  26. Props to Nick Saban for keeping this team together. They could’ve easily packed it in after last week

  27. Maybe you didn’t see him 30 min ago screaming at the offense. I’m assuming it’s because your head is up your ass

  28. Imagine having momentum with a defense on their heels and running the play clock down to zero

  29. It’s the same team, we just made them look better than they are. Same with pretty much every team we’ve played this year

  30. This is about as good as Dems could have hoped for to be honest (outside of some kind of miraculous polling error in their favor similar to polling error in favor of Republicans of 2016 and 2020). The possible options were red trickle, red wave, red tsunami. Definitely not a red tsunami and looking more like a red trickle than any thing.

  31. Also, we have historic inflation and are staring down a recession. To come out with minimal losses is an incredible feat for the democrats

  32. I’m happy we’re ranked #9, but we are not the 9th best team in the country right now. LSU is mediocre and we made them look like a top 10 team.

  33. This year is done. Need to revamp the staff and get back to coaching in the off-season.

  34. This LSU team is not good. They’re the definition of average. We struggled with Arkansas, and look at them now. We’re just a bad football team

  35. Know what the worst part is? With Clemson’s loss to ND, I believe Tennessee has a legitimate chance of making the CFP now ☹️

  36. Even so, they’ll have to play UGA again and it’ll be the same result

  37. I was thinking the same thing. Tonight was the night that I think determined if the dynasty was still going strong, or riding into the sunset

  38. It’s one thing to lose to great teams, it’s another to let 1 WR set a record against us at UT and lose to a mediocre LSU team (LSU is not very good)

  39. We’re just a bad team. Borderline top 15-20. LSU is not a great team

  40. Yeah fuck the guy who won us 6 titles in the last 13 years…

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