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  1. Ahh. We can scratch out our CVV? I didnt know about this. Lol

  2. Kung may mahihiraman kang kamagank from abroad or nasa US na. Mas maganda, i think? Lalo yung kamaganak na walang interest. But, dont try sa mga 5-6 or somewhat skyhigh. Mas risky yon kabayan. I know how toxic to migrate especially in US. And, dont expect na work work after pumunta don muna. Once you go there, all of you need is to work walang “muna”. Kung hindi, baka di niyo masustain ang normal lifestyle. Travel nurse kabayan malakas raw atm. Ranging from 400-700K a month. Lol, kudos in your endeavor!

  3. She might go for 3 set of bankers all in then done. Lolllll

  4. First, ill go to the direct website “US” region and try to buy it from there. If I can put some promotional code then its more of a good deal. If I cant, Amazon has it all. I dont buy here in Qatar for things I’d like. I splurge in online store anywhere in the World. Even so, the price from buying the mentioned plus the shipping are far more less than the usual item here.

  5. I was just today thinking about how crazy good of a deal it is to get 50gb and Hide My Email for only $0.99...

  6. You’re not getting a VPN for $1. iCloud Private Relay has been explained as an internet “routing” service that is confined to Safari only…a marked difference from a VPN.

  7. 4-5 years life cycle on the unit. 2 years for the batt replacement. Hehe

  8. Twas blazing fast for my Xs. I just dont whats really happening in the bg. I tried to refresh the RAM more often and even shut it down to let the chip rest for a while. Hm, it might be the 16.02. I tried to look for my log aggregated and, wasnt there anymore. Smh

  9. It is not wiser to make a loan on these trying times. Sunod sunod na rate hike hangang ma taper ang inflation. With that, masasaktan lahat ng mga umuutang. This is not the time for expansion. The govt or the monetary body does want to do so on the moment. Delay the attack, i might say.

  10. In looking to upgrade may be a month or two! From Xs to 14 pro real quick at the soonest!

  11. Malaki pa sweldo mo sa akin. OFW here and I can say I have extra 80K every month lang. Gross ko, parang 300K din ata? Or mas mababa pa. Labas na lahat ng expenses pati padala sa parents, savings nga is around 80K siguro. Less than pa nga.

  12. Man it's been more than a month and they said "within 30 days". now it's 24th working days. We need the money. I got 22 tickets from tickets lottery 2nd window and I had to pay all of them to secure the 6 tickets I needed. 22 tickets are too much to pay for

  13. That’s too much for you bro. Yeah, you should press them now. Apparently, idk where to contact them neither. I cannot find a support page for that thing. Recently, we lurk some info in WWHID on FB that someone posts w the same fate.

  14. I tried contacting 2 emails for FIFA but couldn't post them here, the comment got deleted automatically.

  15. iPhone XS bought in 2019 October. Currently at 81%

  16. Same having Xs but I changed mine last year the battery and now sits at 96%.

  17. As long as you are winning in life. You dont miss a thing. Kudos!

  18. It seems you really dont understand the current situation my dear.

  19. I do not understand where are you coming from. Bakit gusto mo palitan ang PHP mo USD? ATH ang USD ngayon. FOMO tawag jan kapag ginawa mo yan. Matatalo ka ng palitan.

  20. Good thing, you dont need to take yourself magaral ng ano ano pa. Kasi when it is VUL, parang valuemeal or 3in1 coffee. Mabilis usapan. Hehe

  21. Robbery in Qatar is like one in a million, i guess? Even you leave your house and left it open doors, no one will dare to go inside. Buying something in shop, leave the car while engine is on and comeback is okay. Only in Qatar. I hope they can maintain the ambience even on flock of tourist that may exceeds more than 40% of the current population.

  22. I third this motion. Any mudeer Qatari here that may accept the gentleman offer. Itll be a win win for everyone.

  23. IMHO, this is not the best time to expand or put up things like the mentioned. The economy is contracting w interest rate trend to the high. The economy warrants the business people to expand on this kind of status. Wait until the economic cycle reverse its course.

  24. Indestructible! My limitless 2.0 is 3 years old now. But, I am looking into casetify now for a change. 🤔

  25. Apple won’t ship to a freight forwarding address, unfortunately.

  26. Ha? Just had my apple watches (2) from HK last last year. Got 12 mini in the US too. Yes you may, AFAIK.

  27. Interesting! Maybe they don’t know Aramex’s address. Officially they say they won’t ship.

  28. Reminder, this is on me. Buy at your own risk, of course. 😵‍💫 but, me and my friends doing that.

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