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When you come across a feel-good thing.

A glittering stamp for a feel-good thing

  1. I’ve sat a foot away from a paper wasp nest for two years and I’ve never been stung. They’re all over my yard. I just stay out of their way when they’re flying.

  2. Cops do this with vehicle theft too, it’s called a Bait Car, and has GPS tracking, and a kill switch to the vehicle that the cops can use at any time. They park it in a bad neighborhood, maybe with the doors unlocked with the keys in it to persuade potential criminals to commit the theft

  3. My cops do this too in the Target parking lot, but actually advertise it. There’s always a big board up warning there’s a bait car in the area.

  4. I was doing that for a while but I guess I copied the wrong peoples bets. I hardly won anything 🥲

  5. Do you usually bet the max amount it allows? I just placed some bets at 11,000 each but just realized how much that amounted to lol

  6. I know this was 7 years ago, but did it get better?

  7. I think that it could be your missing fish. Check the different chemical levels of your pond, some can turn goldfish black.

  8. Do you know what chemicals? I had a youngish goldfish with dropsy that I took out of the pond and hospitalized in my house. I essentially dosed him with every medicine I could think of. Not all at once, but over the course of days. He ended up recovering which is the first time I ever had a dropsy fish do. He started turning black though. I assumed it was stress. Eventually I released him back into the pond and his color kept on changing to solid black.

  9. I love it! I have the same background but for some reason it won’t show up when I use it.

  10. A little white out, some glitter & yarn and BAM! You got yourself someone else’s slightly used rehearsal dinner invites!

  11. I used to watch that show on TLC called Extreme Cheapskates and I could totally see one of them do this.

  12. Well he is named after the devil. I learned about that the other day thought it was weird.

  13. I'm saving up for a really nice one. It's gonna take forever but my butts gonna have an oscillating warm water sprayer and that's worth the wait.

  14. I bought one with heated water, heated seat, and heated air dry. Only the best for my IBS-D butt.

  15. If that is a marine tank there can't possibly be anything left alive, can there?

  16. You might be surprised. I had a salt tank for a couple of years. It was my first and last one. I made a newbie mistake in the beginning. I called it my Dead Sea fiasco. I accidentally added too much salt in my water change. The level of saltiness couldn’t even be measured by the tool.

  17. My new oven has a sabbath mode too! It’s also WiFi apparently. I never set it up but you can preheat the oven or turn it off with your phone.

  18. My flame point cat pets my face like that when he wants attention. He’s like “See this? This is what I want you to do to me”.

  19. my advise is make sure you are using your 401k and IRA. Buy nothing but VOO until you hit 40ish then start to design and make a more retirement oriented portfolio.

  20. Are you saying only buy VOO until you hit 40 years old? Sorry just wanted to clarify 😅 I’m 32 and just getting into this stuff too.

  21. I’m jealous! I’ve been looking for a leopard but all the ones on eBay are like $200+. There’s a company that makes big ones but they’re over $600 for them T-T

  22. Ive been watching him not move around for a week now. Only moved him to the small tank to try to get him to eat. He hasnt been coming to the surface to feed.

  23. Has there been any predators visiting your pond? There’s a few of my big koi that absolutely will not surface even for food if a heron has been visiting. It takes a couple of weeks for them to feel comfortable surfacing again.

  24. Red claw or fiddler crabs. You’d need to add sand for substrate and make it a brackish tank (mix of fresh and saltwater). Both require a heater and a lid on the tank. They will climb the cord and vanish. They’d need more “stuff” in the tank. The more things they have, the less they can see each other, and the less fighting they will do.

  25. My fiddlers were such escape artist. They’d either be running around the house or hanging out in the HOB filter. I was new to the hobby at the time and didn’t do my due diligence to their setup. I just saw them at Walmart and impulsively bought them. I had them for a couple of years though.

  26. Immigration is a hell of a process. I've never been in trouble in my life, have two kids who are American citizens ( had them in Ireland but their dad is American and got their citizenship) and even though I'm in the US I've been waiting almost a year and haven't heard a peep about my interview. I'm glad I'm in the US and can go through it here. But he has a very very bad criminal record. Chances are he will be denied.

  27. I had a friend in a similar issue. It took 10 years for him to get his citizenship.

  28. This has been my experience too. Also my longest streak is 9 months as well.

  29. Apples are mostly soluble fiber. Meaning they help absorb fluid and bulk up stool that way. They are also a prebiotic fiber that feeds the bacteria already in your intestines.

  30. They are but not everyone follows the low FODMAP diet. Also not everyone reacts to the same type of fodmap.

  31. Only twice have I ever opened a product and both times it was with an employee’s permission and in front of them.

  32. I didn’t even know that was a song. I heard kids saying that stuff, but I was out of the loop lol I was the kid power walking past all the hallway fights just trying not to be late for class lmao.

  33. Thanks. I figured it was but it’s been bugging me for years. I just needed some confirmation.

  34. If its been bugging you for years we hope you haven't fed it the energy it requires. Glad for you you asked here and your mind is now at peace. Stay happy and focus fear not.

  35. Thank you. It was just so odd because you don’t see graffiti in my city to begin with. I’m in my 30’s and I’ve only seen it twice. This was the first time so it stuck out that it was on my dad and grandmothers houses.

  36. I use such a mix of products it’s hard to narrow it down to just one I’d buy.

  37. I’ve seen stuff like that off and on since childhood, but like physically see it. No meditation or closed eyes involved. It’s more obvious when looking at something light colored like the sky. It’s like someone used the layer overlay setting in photoshop and turned down opacity. As a child I’d see like a white energetic kaleidoscope effect when looking at the sky too. Kind of like a tunnel.

  38. I have hundreds of springtails by accident. They thrive in my tortoises indoor enclosure. I guess the substrate, basking light, moisture and her left over food scraps create a good enough environment. They mainly hang out on the water bowl side of the enclosure.

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