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  1. The feeling that sex with my partner an enthusiastic choice, not an obligation. In monogamous relationships I eventually felt like “okay, we’re the only people that can have sex with each other so let’s do this I guess…” but with ENM I get to choose my partner, over and over again.

  2. Came here to say something like this, but couldn't have put it so well! Great description.

  3. I've always been conscious of the "what if...?" Maybe it's because I'm an Enneagram 6. Maybe it's because I grew up in a small mountain town where a blizzard or avalanche or both could cut the grocery store off from deliveries for a while. Maybe it's because I like being that person who is ready for any eventuality. Whatever it is, I have always prepped to some degree. I kicked it into high gear about a decade ago when a serious flood (a 100-year flood) hit my area and left some of my loved ones homeless and/or without power for a couple days and many others for longer. Filling my bathtub with water as the SHTF made me realize I needed to get more organized about it.

  4. Yay! I have some at about that stage and some a little further ahead. Also succession planted some beans and peas over the last few weeks. Our garden is behind this year because we moved to an acreage that had been neglected by the previous owner, so there was a lot to do up front before we could plant.

  5. I'm thinking 24-48 hours would be very difficult under a table. And I don't have one so I'd need something.

  6. More difficult than dying of radiation poisoning? Also it doesn't necessarily need to be a table. Do you have a bed you could raise up to table height by supporting the corners with chairs etc? Do you have a couple dressers you could span with the drawers or somesuch? Cardboard boxes full of books you could stack like a fort? Sturdy Rubbermaid bins you could fill with water? Etc?

  7. It's not like you're going to die suddenly if you leave your table-fort in this scenario. Radiation poisoning is about the time spent at certain levels. You can make a hasty run to the toilet and back. Just don't read on the John or do your makeup in there. Get in and get out and get back to the shelter. Will you be more at risk than someone with a bunker in your basement? Absolutely. But you'll be less at risk than going about your normal life.

  8. Oh the show title is in the headline. Took me some time to realize it. 😉

  9. LOL me too. I went through several stages of confused before I got there. "People are building sex rooms on the Netflix app? THE NETFLIX APP HAS ROOMS?! LIKE SOME SORT OF SEXY WATCH PARTY?!!"

  10. Today the Rogers Communications network in Canada went down. Its been down all day.

  11. My husband, who is in IT, is LIVID that there are so many necessary systems and their backup systems that rely on a single telecom company to keep them going. It's just piss-poor continuity planning.

  12. If we had more competition in Canada, MAYBE some would be smart enough to have backup, continuity plans and the ability to back out of 'upgrades' that wen't wrong. I was an IT consultant.

  13. Right? The reality is they know they can get away with half-assing it.

  14. I’m okay with you doing what you want with your body, but a baby isn’t your body. Every cell in your body shares the same DNA.

  15. Have you been pregnant before, sir? Or do you just have a hard time reading?

  16. On another part of the thread, I was about to respond to the “old white men” argument by saying that in my state, the loudest, most obnoxious, sanctimonious group is not men at all — of any age — but these overly-religious, ultra-conservative, judgy women who support the decision.

  17. The thing you need to understand about Patriarchy, especially the particular white Evangelical brand in the US, is that it ORDERED by these old white dudes and then MAINTAINED by the women under them. The only way to have any kind of power as an Evangelical woman under that system is to vocally support it, like the Wives and Aunts in The Handmaid's Tale. They become respected enough to teach other women and children in the church. Their husbands are granted more prominence which leads to more wealth.

  18. Be thankful you have an escape to complain about this showing up in. Be thankful we're talking about it here because otherwise you will find yourself unable to talk about it anywhere.

  19. Relax. This is, while a big deal ideologically, and likely to contribute to a lot of partisanship and tension in that respect, it isn't the sort of dramatic shortage/banning some are making out.

  20. What if I don't believe in YOUR right to kill babies. Step off.

  21. What if I don't believe eating a fertilized egg is the same as eating a chick. What if I don't believe you forcing me to give birth is your right. What if I don't believe you have the right to tell me what to believe. we could do this all day.

  22. In food service it is often the case, though, that it WAS ok to sell 5mins ago. Sell-by dates and times are usually more about quality than it actually going bad. So long as it remained stored under the right conditions up until you give it away it's still going to be fine.

  23. I think if you do this you'll have to be extremely careful when you go to use it, and that you'll be better off trying to create many food forests dotted across a radius you can easily access on foot or by bike. Learn as much as you can about plants that passersby wouldn't recognize as being edible (easier than you'd think, tbh. I was once stopped from eating a wild strawberry by a lady who exclaimed "you don't know what kind of berry that is!" And wild strawberries look exactly like domestic ones, just smaller 🤣) and plant those in as many areas as you can. That way if one area becomes occupied, you'll have other choices.

  24. I think window boxes are fine if your apartment is large enough to stockpile other foods and you just plan on having some herbs and hot peppers for variety, but it's extremely unlikely you'll be able to use them to make a significant dent in your diet. Better to invest in a hydroponic grow tower and use those windows for solar power. Even then, though, it would only be a supplement.

  25. My province has had evacuation orders somewhere within its borders nearly every fire season for the last decade, and a handful of evacuations due to floods in that same time period. I just had someone call from the gas co-op to go through their emergency procedures should something ever happen to the line that runs about 50m back from my property. Really it's not that uncommon, and with climate change it's only getting MORE common.

  26. Learn to forage. This book and others in the series are SO useful.

  27. The first two are going up in price. I've also noticed that pig pellets are also corn and sunflower seed heavy.

  28. Wheat had a bad year in North America due to drought last year, and with the global unrest it's looking bad for that product this year, too. I don't have a frame of reference for pig feed, as I've just started to think about raising them myself, but it did definitely seem pricey when I looked at their feed last week. Good to know my spidey senses were on point.

  29. Yeah but you don’t live here. I can guarantee you it did not happen where I live. Maybe I chose the right spot to live. Canada is such a small and insignificant country that it makes sense you would have shortages. Live in fear all you want but the world keeps moving and this type of paranoia is why I just left this sub. Prepping is good. But believing everything you read on Reddit is the worst thing you can do.

  30. Sweetie all of those articles were from the US. And I wasn't on Reddit at the time.

  31. If your situation allows, definitely get a dog or a cat. If you get a cat, try to adopt one that had to survive on its own for a while, as a lot of cats that have always been provided for are pretty useless hunters these days. And for dogs you want breeds with good ratting instincts or mutts.

  32. Whew, so much! I actually felt I hadn't done enough until I sat down to write this comment.

  33. There's really no way to prevent that, but if you can find a source that sells it in buckets it's much easier to deal with.

  34. Cmon little girls, I need 18 more eggs for this one person cake 🎂

  35. It's about 3 quail eggs to 1 chicken egg, so not that bad really. They're prolific layers, more prolific than many chickens, so for the little space they take up and how much earlier they start laying they largely make up for it.

  36. That's why you keep chickens as a base and add in more fowl, like ducks, quail, guineas, etc., as you become accustomed to caring for them.

  37. I don't think someone living in an apartment can have all those birds. 😆

  38. I'd have to disagree about it being valuable in a small town where everyone is likely to have a small garden already.

  39. We live in a small town in rural America and there is at least 1 garden on every block

  40. So what you're saying is, on every block, there are usually more non-gardeners than there are gardeners. Otherwise you'd say it the other way around, "there is at least one non-gardener on every block."

  41. If op is in the USA, all eggs are required to be washed before putting on the grocery shelves. Apparently we like the IDEA of 'clean' more than we like actual safety. Hmm, actually this explains way more than eggs. ...

  42. Yup, Canadian here and same thing. It was one of my biggest motivations for raising my own hens, tbh. Now that my flock is getting big enough I'll be providing unwashed eggs to friends and family (not selling them, technically, to get around the restrictions) too so they can do the same.

  43. This is correct. Just don't think about what is coating them and you'll be all good.

  44. I thought I'd messed up terribly with my vermicompost bin. I got so busy this winter I neglected it entirely. Finally got around to dumpling the contents into my regular compost heap and guess what? They were still alive! Easiest prep ever. I'm going to double down on my efforts now and hope to produce enough to feed to my chickens and quail fairly regularly.

  45. My area has a good emergency alert system for tornadoes (I'm in the Canadian tornado alley), so just having my phone in my room is a prep. I also have a crank operated weather radio with solar charging and a battery, so it's always ready to go. I just leave it in a window to keep the charge. I can also charge my phone from it with USB.

  46. "Twinings Tea shortage" this spoke to me on a deep level. 😅

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