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  1. Sounds like the nite folk, except instead of biting, they attack with knives.

  2. If you’re going for some black metal shit then yeah. But if you’re going for orc then you need some work

  3. Why’d he only cut some off XD I thought he was shaving it all

  4. I can’t see why it should be illegal so yeah I guess

  5. Most subreddits I can tell when someone is being satirical. But some of y’all are just ACTUALLY that stupid XD

  6. In the description it says "This is not an official project, but just my concept". They anwser can't be anymore clearer.

  7. Oh damn didn’t see that XD I don’t always read the descriptions

  8. No the fuck we don't if this is what y'all new wave of fans is on y'all never heard the kys sagas / don't appreciate them. That and the boy$ fallin tf off

  9. Ok grandpa it’s time for your daily schizo meds and nap

  10. My dad who was 40 something at the time and would play megadeth when driving me to elementary, now I’m 17 a senior in HS and STILL listening to them. So like early 2000s

  11. Dude posted suicide boys to “hardcore” XD dude I love the boys but the fans don’t know how to mosh at all

  12. Code Orange and Knocked Loose were also touring with them 👍 takes literally 20 seconds of researching man

  13. I’m fully aware my guy… I went to it… but still. The fans don’t belong on this sub

  14. New player here… what is dragon riding? Hasn’t been a thing pretty much since the games release?

  15. Think new momentum and gravity based flying. It's like 3x as fast and way more fun than old flying

  16. Do it. I was self conscious at first too but then I found some random dudes to hang with and we had our own mosh pit going it was sick

  17. Can’t imagine how bad the censored one is. Dude showed a blown off leg (or head I couldn’t tell) and multiple dead bodies but didn’t show that…

  18. If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide, please reach out. You can find help at a National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

  19. Nope. There’s a vid of ghoste talking about how he couldn’t drive when that song came. Some dudes from schema (ghoste included) tried to teach him but he just couldn’t do it XD. But he made the song anyways cuz he really wanted a Beamer

  20. Yea, that's what I was referencing. I wasn't saying peep drove. I was saying the song beamer boy was about his wanting to drive one.

  21. Oh no, I hate that I know EXACTLY who this is referencing upon first read

  22. The BFA and Shadowlands dungeons are alot more mechanically intensive than most expansions before and lower level/new players may not have the knowledge or spells/abilities unlocked yet to complete, hence why they're locked until higher levels 😑

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