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  1. You can’t plant a seed and expect fruit the next day. #FFTB

  2. HODL. I’m not fucking leaving!

  3. You are now a member of the LOTUS Group--welcome aboard! BTW, do you have more than 500k shares? Just curious...

  4. Let's go! You only lose when you sell...

  5. Live your best life, but I’m HODL to my CRO.

  6. Wait.. u got the nice casing and the letter from kris. No card inside?!

  7. When it arrives you’ll forget how long you waited for it.

  8. Yea that part sucks and makes it a little less desirable right now. And the headache it is to change your address. I ordered the card and they won't let you change your address in the app. Been contacting support and sending in the picture, but then they respond a day later and say they can't use my picture because it's from the day before

  9. Did you contact support via Twitter? If not, you should reach CDC support there and tell them your issue. You’ll get their attention faster.

  10. I had 246,000 shares, now I have 49! I thought they rounded up?

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