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  1. negotiating wages? skilled labour? sounds like commie shit to me.

  2. and she shifted careers from being an escort (hired by ted cruz) to being a moralist politician. presto! and now she is the voice of the christian right. amazing.

  3. I saw ween live for the first time fri and sat in Atlanta… when deaner was hunched over sideways drooling on stage during Laura omg you’ll get it.

  4. Gotta have some Frank Zappa in the mix

  5. Just flew into Atlanta solo. Currently at Tin Lizzys lfg

  6. Yo! I think we’re super close to ya! The misses and I are headed to republic social house which is just a few minutes from tin lizzys. If ur bored come say hello :)

  7. Meetostikku jikan, Meetostikku kakushite, Meetostikku toridashite jikan.

  8. Q is utter bullshit. From the get-go, bullshit!

  9. Nobody cares if you’re there alone. So many business executives travel for work and eat alone, nobody will think twice about it. Just enjoy yourself

  10. As someone who works in a restaurant it’s common to see people eating alone with a book or newspaper.

  11. They probably tried to cut it with one of those little pairing knives lol my FoH loves using those for some reason.

  12. the voice he says "whats the biggest thing you ever did done see... BIG JILM!"

  13. I was hysterically laughing within the first 10 seconds of me hearing Big Jilm for the first time.

  14. Any solo people coming from the New England area? Having a wingman on the road would be sweet!

  15. Bro I love the look of hatred I get every time I correct someone on this irl. I don’t know why but it bothers the hell out of people.

  16. The smoker. Especially when cleaning.

  17. Yeah sure everyone go out for a cigarette while I clean up, except the bartender. You wait till I’m just finished to have your cigarette so I get to wait for my shifty.

  18. My career in kitchens started with an injury. I was an arborist and taught people how to ski in the winter until I blew out my knee. After months of PT I was able to walk around well enough to wash dishes at a resort. A few months after that I’m prepping, cooking, and learning new shit every day. I’ve been a line cook for 2 years now and I love it! As for working with an injury I recommend going super hard on physical therapy and make sure you don’t put yourself in positions that might send you back to the hospital. Taking time off to heal is better than rushing back to work only to cause more damage. You only get one body take care of it.

  19. Are vaccines meant to harm the people taking them, or save them from something else much much worse in the future?

  20. Lol my 02 sounds awesome with a cherry bomb muffler and tune. The occasional crackle and pop always brings a smile to my face

  21. The human endocannabinoid system is one of the best tools we have. This biological system found in us helps regulate various processes, such as pain, memory, mood, immunity, and stress. Cannabis can be medicinal.

  22. I think weed helps a lot of things but memory is not one of them. As a heavy smoker I can admit my memory has taken a slight hit. Maybe I should quit, but dabs are way too legit.

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