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  1. Thank you Bryan. It took nearly 3 months of constant posts to have my issue flagged down but I’m glad it’s finally done. Some faith restored.

  2. Maybe it depend on which province we live for that option to be available. Would love to have that option.

  3. I’m Ontario. Great feature if you can keep track of your own transactions

  4. Me as well. Giving me Mt. Gox vibes.

  5. Same situation with xustomer support, bots, yep, also had issues with the stupid chat. Try speaking via the browser icon, if they match it with your app, and will do supriselly, it will unfreeze the app chat while the discussion is active.

  6. How do you get the browser icon? I would love to try this. Can you give a step by step?

  7. Sure, go to their website, crypto.com and go trough pages, maybe contact menu. In the right corner will appear the message icon (White icon), click on it, start a new conversation as usual. At one point probably they will ask smth to verify identitity. After confirmation it should be available after few trials in the app message, as notification thst a new message was received, stay maybe in the app first menu while the conversation is ongoing.

  8. Does it completely unfreeze it or will I have to do this every time?

  9. It took support 3 months to fix an issue I had with my account.

  10. Amazing. I’m 1/3 of the way there. It’s ridiculous how they spend millions on advertisements but not enough on their support teams to be adequate to fix things in a timely manner.

  11. Yeah, and I'm 99% certain that rose gold and higher does not have VIP support like they claim.

  12. I don’t think it makes a difference. At the end of the day they took your money already and it’s onto the next guy they’ll go. Until they get proper phone support and adequate software engineers to deal with issues like this, I’ll stay skeptical of their operations even with the global ads they have.

  13. Bryan please have someone look into my account issues. I’ve waited over a month and repeatedly had to repeat myself to 3 separate support chat representatives with no fix.

  14. Bryan can you please have someone look into my account issues? I’ve been reaching out for over a month and 3 support reps later my issues still aren’t solved.

  15. Bryan can you please get someone to look into my account issues properly?

  16. UPDATE: I purchased the watch from the seller. It's brand new 2022 with stickers and tags for 8.5kCAD or around 6.5kUSD. Pretty good deal considering in Ontario, the stores are selling them 9.9k plus 13% tax.

  17. Congratulations on the deal. It looks legit to me, identical to mine.

  18. Yeah just a weird optical effect. The watch is 100% legit :) Thanks!

  19. Saw your post on Kijiji and saw you had a few other 3861 Sapphire sandwiches. Was wondering if you could source me another 3861 Sapphire?

  20. And didn’t even address that ruby and blue cards are virtually worthless now. What’s the point of a card with 0% cash back and no perks?

  21. Ruby at least gets Spotify. Midnight literally makes no sense and seems like they’d be paying more to issue the card and shipping it out then a user would be to actually use it with no incentive.

  22. This is not the first time that they have done something dramatic and then had to step it back. I am a long-time CDC user, but at some point it feels like it might be part of their strategy to do something very big/bad and then give themself some flexibility to roll it back.

  23. Hundred percent agree with you. If they can go back on their word, it means they tried to provide us as little as possible to see our reactions. I think even though Kris went back on his word and gave us something back, the reality is that the long term goal of his is to bring the stake and earn down to nothing. He failed this time but doesn’t mean he won’t do it again soon.

  24. Kris reversed the rate change by 50% now LOL he got too much hate. Check his Twitter

  25. Everyone flood with requests to end card stakes and earn deposits early as they were staked under false pretenses. This has a class action potential with how much money users are going to lose.

  26. No it doesn’t. When you signed up for the card the terms and conditions went over the variable rates and holding terms.

  27. They should’ve done it more gradually to prevent this. I’m down only about 2.5k so it hurts but it’s still not as bad as them obsidian or icy holders LOL

  28. But than it wouldn't be a rug pull

  29. No, not necessarily. The intent behind this update is to provide longevity of the CDC ecosystem. By dropping majority of the incentives of using their their ecosystem at once would cause a huge surge of exit positions on their native token CRO. Instead if they were to do it gradually and slowly, the sentiment wouldn’t be as extreme and although the rates are still dropping, fewer people with large amounts of CRO would feel the panic to sell all at once which further causes a price drop. Timing is the key to these updates and CDC has done nothing but fail to deliver.

  30. I have had the same issue for a few days, just message mod mail on this subreddit!!!

  31. Same issue since yesterday, you’re not alone.

  32. Thank god but unfortunate. I reached out via Twitter and they had someone there initiate a message in app, however if you leave the message in the app and return to the home menu, then try to re-enter the chat, the chat(s) will not load. I’m not stuck contacting them through email. This is quite concerning and disappointing.

  33. I’ve had this and a myriad of other issues. My Spending Power transaction history stopped tracking on April 12th, my support chat in the app stopped loading and now I’m using support through email, my CRO balance doesn’t display the separate stake and free balance, my collateralized amount for Spending Power does not reflect the amount that was confirmed. I’m moving outta CDC into another exchange and done with their week long “we’re looking into it” until they get their stuff together. CS is basically useless.

  34. Same here. A month by a multi million dollar company… it’s just poor decisions and poor support. Clearly their team is less capable of handling software issues and updates than we expected.

  35. I’ve had issues with my CDC account not being able to track my spending transaction history on the card as well as the support chat I the app no longer loading for over 2 weeks now. Two weeks of emailing their team about this and all I get is “we’re looking into it”. Two weeks of nothing by their team. I used to recommend this app to people especially with their rewards but every week, it has only gotten worse. Today someone spotted me with my card and asked for my referral to join. I embarrassingly just said, it’s not worth the hassle anymore if something because the support is just not there to help handle your money. Sorry CDC I still have hope but right now you guys have lost a lot of my trust.

  36. Interesting that they release a API without full functionality testing something this basic. As a tech company they should do better break testing. That way their new updates don't disrupt the workflow of the previous versions.

  37. It's not an API at all. They did it as part of the UI changes they were making. It was intentional.

  38. Interesting. What would the intention be behind this? As a customer I feel like it just complicates separating what I can potentially spend with with is locked in card stake.

  39. If the dimensions of the resin outer casing is the same as the dimensions of the original GA-2100, I'd be very interested in getting the yellow model and doing a base/strap swap just to have the lighter indices. It did say the new models are 0.1mm thicker but I'm wondering if that extra bulk is added to the module case bottom like the back plate or the overall watch including the resin outer case.

  40. I'm the original guy who posted about the blue dye issue on my genuine Neptune model. I've lurked around just to see if the replicas are coming along and dear god they look horrible. Aside from the fact that they have an actual sapphire crystal instead of the plastic one that is used on the genuine model, the rest of the watch is made for the garbage can. Definitely fun to see how China fails to produce even the most basic of plastic watches.

  41. Yep. Same here so many bugs lately and no new updates to fix them. The last update I did removed the visibility of the CRO outside of your card stake amount. Something so small still has yet to be fixed. Wonder who does their software testing because stuff like this should be tested prior to a full deployment.

  42. Did your amount return to to your card balance or did it decrease the balance due?

  43. Okay. CS told me that the same happened for my amount but it's kind of tricky to do this, considering it doesn't appear as a line item... And of course you can't view card history during upgrading the card. Thx.

  44. They have such a bad transaction tracking functionality. Love the app but they really need to make it transparent when stuff like this happens.

  45. Yea, they used to be decent at providing support, but it's all starting to go downhill. My in-chat support feature stopped working and am waiting on an update from them for a month now. Daily e-mail updates saying we have no updates. Ridiculous honestly

  46. I’m 3 days into an account bug, absolutely nothing. Honestly I’m losing faith in this company. If you’re lucky, nothing goes wrong, but when something goes wrong, you’re on your own. I genuinely don’t think they ever really handle account issues for individuals often because it requires someone to look into it. With this app being riddled with so many bugs and so many users experiencing these bugs, I find it hard to believe there is adequate staffing to check all these tickets in a timely manner. I know this is likely the case as I am a product lead in a biotech software company… Total loss of words how this is possible on this platform.

  47. The mango pies slap hard! The chicken is juicy unlike the American fried chicken. Spaghetti. Forget Italy. All I'm saying is Jolibee is quite the hit compared to most places.

  48. FWIW I managed to get customer support on the phone when my card was frozen for some unknown reason. It connected very quickly and the issue was resolved within minutes.

  49. The Visa support line is very different from the app support staff. Both are two separate entities sadly.

  50. I got the card recently, I really like it so far. The only issue I'm having is not being able to use the card for Netflix. Neither Netflix nor

  51. I would fight tooth and nail until they figure this one out. That is a huge problem considering its one of the big selling points of the card. What happens when you try to connect your card to Netflix?

  52. Hey I have a small 3D print shop that’s willing to print you parts. I can print and get the parts delivered to you for a small fee if you can send me the STL files I can see the cost. It won’t be expensive but it would benefit the both of us as we are just starting the shop and would be awesome to get some feedback! Follow or check out our Instagram @render.labs

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