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  1. The Nintendo-Stans are the only reason they can do shit like this. These People would even defend the company if they received a cease and desist letter for calling their first born "Mario".

  2. And this, Ladies and Gentlemen, is why you don't pre-order games and wait for user experiences before you buy it. Hope they actually fix it unlike what happened to Battlefield last year.

  3. Ahh yes the loud vocal minority of Reddit is the only true way to know if a game is shit or not. Just give up on Nintendo gaming if all you guys can do is bitch about every single fucking game they release.

  4. "Loud Vocal Minority". The Game has a User Review Score of 2.9/10. You're delusional.

  5. Aber, aber, ich bin cool und kantig weil ich keinen Fußball sowie andere Mainstream-Sachen mag, bitte gib hochwähli :^( /s

  6. Opportunist des Todes. Der werte Herr weiß, dass er für diese Meinung in Deutschland keinen nennenswerten Gegenwind zu befürchten hat und will sich das Ansehen, dass er verloren hat, nachdem seine Steuerhinterziehung aufgeflogen ist, wieder zurück holen.

  7. This was obviously a nostalgic reference to "Pokémon Snap" on the N64. I cried tears of joy when I saw this.

  8. Laowhy seem quite intelligent decent guy but making fun of how cancer survivor white monkey look like and his south-african friend calling her ex girlfriends leftover women make them look like idiots. Also i cant say that i trust all they say. Laowhy got fucked badly by China and he is super mad so content is obviously biased but honest feelings

  9. Yeah, I've been digging a bit deeper into the topic since I've made this post and I'd say that they have both done some quite questionable stuff. SerpentZA in particular seems to have a quite... Well... Let's call it "old fashioned" view of women, according to what

  10. Besides the obvious fact that this was designed to repell the homeless, can we talk about the waste of resources that went into the Steel-Backrest for people who have already a way more comfortable backrest built in? The only thing this will do is prevent wheelchair users from moving in far enough to not sit about a meter ahead of their friends, awkwardly isolating them. (If you look closely you will notice that the drawing solved this problem by simply not including a backrest in the example-wheelchair.)

  11. Sure, it's just the graphics. All these bugs where features we just aren't ready to appreciate yet. Poor starving devs, never get the honour they deserve for trying something new :(

  12. "Mal angenommen"... Der Screenshot davon macht seit mittlerweile über einem Jahrzehnt die Runde durch alle sozialen Medien und jeder, der das Internet nicht erst seit gestern nutzt, hat ihn mindestens einmal in seinem Leben gesehen, eingeschlossen dem ü40-Jährigen Urheber dieses lustigen Bildwitzes, der geglaubt hat, er könnte mit wenig Aufwand (und Humor), Aufmerksamkeit generieren.

  13. All these athletes will be remembered as cowards in a few years from now.

  14. Technoboy - Next Dimensional World (Qlimax Anthem 2008).

  15. Ah yes, the good old days, where interracial relationships definitely weren't a thing, trust me bro. ...also I sure miss white babies. Haven't seen one in ages because I've been locked in my moms basement for the past 10 years. /s

  16. Hab im entfernten Bekanntenkreis zwei Reichsbürger. Bei der Scheiße die die ständig von sich geben, kann man eigentlich nur froh sein, dass sie nicht wählen gehen, weil sie fest davon überzeugt sind, dass "die deutsche Regierung in Wahrheit eine amerikanische Firma ist und wählen gehen daher sowieso nichts bringt".

  17. "The chicken I ordered was half raw and I might have caught salmonella, but the seasoning was a step into the right direction."

  18. Maxter. He released two really strong EPs back in 2011 and then decided to just vanish forever. Glad these releases exist but man I wish there had been more.

  19. Es bereitet mir große Freude zu sehen, zu was für einem PR-Albtraum sich die gesamte Veranstaltung grade zu entwickeln scheint (Sowohl für Katar als auch für FIFA).

  20. I might be alone with this but my personal favorite is "Follow your Dreamz". The atmosphere and that Melody are just amazing and the intro still goes quite hard for a Wasted Penguinz Track.

  21. Hope they cut his Internet-Connection at one point, giving him some time to reflect on his own. The amount of edgy shitlords celebrating his mental and physical decline in the comments, motivating him to keep going further down the drain is unbelievably sickening.

  22. I don't get "Violent-" or "Hardcore-Dancing". Been to a Metalcore concert once and that was a huge dealbreaker for me. Can't really enjoy the music when you're too busy avoiding getting someone's elbow in the face. ...can someone explain why this is such a thing?

  23. Sure do love the advanced movement in Pokemon Games.

  24. My guess is that this title is a remainder of the early days of Rawstyle. Back from 2010 - 2013(?) he produced some of the hardest tracks in the entire scene: "Sleepwalker", "Virus", "Spectral (ft. Digital Punk)", the list goes on. But I think by around 2016 the sound of the Rawstyle Scene had become harder than most of what he was producing and instead of adapting he sticked to his own sound. Can't help but respect that.

  25. Yeah... Didn't start the game for 5 years because everyone, especially Game-Magazines were saying how "meh" it was. When I finally found time to play it however, it turned out to be one of the most immersive experiences I ever encountered. In the end I wasn't even bothered that you could "only" explore prague, considering how big and spoiled with neat little details it was.

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