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  1. You couldnt possibly give us less information to work on. Sex? What stretch? OF?

  2. I am going to assume you have the frequency range correct and these folks saying 7,000,000 Hz are adding an extra 1000 in.

  3. Nothing. If they had really wanted to take action they would have found a way to expedite the process.

  4. {{Freakonomics}}: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything ~ Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner

  5. I got a hearing aid and the audiologist tuned it to the frequency of my T. It also has a masking program built in. It helps a ton.

  6. Interesting! Wonder if I could do the same with noise canceling headphones.

  7. My grandfather earned a bronze star on the Aleutian island as part of a machine gun crew. Don’t have any records and I unfortunately didn’t get to talk to him and hear about it but always loved seeing pictures of that theater.

  8. My father in law was stationed there as a navy mechanic. They were moved to Kodiak long (?) before the Japanese arrived.

  9. Long covid is way worse than death, people are in denial about long covid

  10. Long Covid is no doubt bad. But death as an ailment is in a category all its own.

  11. My man, I know this isn’t what you want to hear. But you look like you would be very well suited to the 5k in cross country, and the 2 mile

  12. This is what I was thinking. Build a base of long slow distance.

  13. The entire country should adopt and implement the system you see in the state of Tennessee. No income tax, low energy costs, balanced budget, etc…

  14. Yea but what are their real estate taxes? They also be fit from federal government owned TVA energy.

  15. Are you facing east? Where would granite mountain be?

  16. Without looking, I’d say Cavendish had significant victories at age 35. He’s 37 now.

  17. Lance Armstrong! The guy had CANCER and lost a testicle. He was a young promising rider before but hadn't won a lot and then after beating cancer he won SEVEN TDFs in a row! Nothing can stop this guy. I haven't really followed him since he left the sport but good luck topping him.

  18. He came out of retirement in 2008 and finished 3rd in the 2009 TdF. Making him the oldest competitor ever on the podium.

  19. Gino Bartali. Not just that he has the biggest gab of years between Tour De France wins of 10 years, but it emerged in December 2010 that Bartali had hidden a Jewish family in his cellar during WW2, and according to one of the survivors, saved their lives in doing so.

  20. Dear OP, Adam Hochschild reviews 2 new similar books in the current issue of The New York Review of Books. The article is entitled: The Cruelties of Empire. (I’m sure somewhere he writes +yea, I learned all this in high school+ but somehow I missed it. /s)

  21. The obvious thing to point out is that it wasn’t a choice between American dominance or none. Where the US did not gain influence it was the USSR instead, or China in recent years. The US is not the paragon of democratic virtue it used to pretend to be, but neither is it the only or worst power with imperialist ambitions.

  22. The USAs motives may have been pure but the USSR was not a threat in the 1890s.

  23. Gee, tough crowd! Net MINUS 20 for pointing out the USSR was formed in 1917?

  24. Not my area but this is true of Tour de France winners. The men that win are usually very light weight and put out a higher power to weight ratio than their competitors in the mountains. The guys that win on the flat stages are big men that can crank huge horsepower but also weight a lot.

  25. I have no idea what that was. I recognize Paris Hilton - but don’t know why she is familiar to me.

  26. Are you thinking sprints, distance and/or field events? Might help to let folks know.

  27. wait. You never heard or saw it before ? Welcome into Geography, and Geopolitic. You can now discover all the tiny enclaves and exclaves around the world. When you will have finish with that, you will have to learn the tiny and random islands of the world, fun fact some are really isolated)

  28. We can’t all know everything. That’s why we are thankful you are on Reddit.

  29. These guys had a great video, maybe 2 yrs ago when Covid first hit.

  30. I might be wrong but Heirs of the Founders: The Epic Rivalry of Henry Clay, John Calhoun and Daniel Webster, the Second Generation of American Giants by H. W. Brands might do it.

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