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  1. 174698 Let’s get Truth up and running before jumping to the next project.

  2. Translation: πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

  3. Let us see what the CEO sez at 4PM. Might orbit AH or crash like Kamala Harris' chance of being President.

  4. Because everyone isn’t paying attention to the ChinaFlu any longer and starting to get pissed about Inflation.

  5. The Fed is the biggest market manipulator of them all. 0 trust in anything the Federal Reserve does.

  6. 100% agree. The People are rising world wide.

  7. DRS AMC and GME to own the float and then hodl until we 🌚. Sell the shares not held at CS to take advantage of the infinity squeeze. Hedgies are fuked. Apes will revolutionize the entire economy to benefit We the People.

  8. A reverse split has been approved by the board to range from 100-1 to 1000-1. This is being done because they applied to be listed on the NASDAQ. Their target price to get the stock is $4 per share.

  9. The Government is all part of the corruption.

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