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  1. I liked your post and found it informative. Your water solution was a new approach for me and one I'm going to give some consideration to. I've never purchased Packit Gourmet, but I've eaten Mountain House many times, and have always found them to be quite good.

  2. So do you wear rings on both hands then?

  3. ...yeah, around BOTH wrists. They call'em handcuffs now.

  4. I would recommend items for maintaining personal warmth: insulated underwear, coats, extreme cold sleeping bags, wool socks, small tents for inside use, insulated footwear, etc. I recommend NOT sending any kind of power generation equipment that requires fuel, as this will just provide a means to frustrate them. Solar power equipment should also be considered as a lower priority as it will not work well in Ukraine winters and could also make your friends targets of others.

  5. This is probably the largest and most significant protest since 1989. It's because a lot of people are absolutely fed up with the zero covid policy.

  6. I may or may not agree with the other posters to this OP, but say what you will about these protestors, they have COURAGE.

  7. No, but there was an increase in crab bait.

  8. nah, you were all good. I was just clowning on OPs typo in the title. Kind of funny. Cheers!

  9. I was wondering if it was a typo or a racial slur. You never know for sure with some people.

  10. Racists should be cancelled, regardless of his or her race.

  11. Why did you go out of your way to avoid using "their" even when it was plural anyway?

  12. I normally try to be inclusive, don't you? I use "his" for humans born as males and for those who identify as males. I use "her" for humans born as females and for those who identify as females.

  13. Remember one thing: Don't do the crime, if you can't do the time. Personally, I don't think I would be capable of spending years in prison without going crazy. I'd rather work my entire life in a crappy low paying job, but still be able to walk around free than being behind bars.

  14. Don't ! It's just not worth the heartache.

  15. There's a REAL old saying that goes "You get what you pay for." The updated version is "You get what you pay for, IF you get lucky." There are a lot of companies in the world that make copies of other company's products. Their products may look the same and be made of the same materials, but that doesn't mean that they are as good as the original product. The copy-cat company may not be aware of certain critical procedures used during manufacturing that make the original product work properly. I've found it best to expect to pay full price for a fully functional product. If I can't afford the price, then I just don't buy it.

  16. I wondered why the MSM had reduced their coverage of this hideous event. I see why now.

  17. The CDC has many problems and ALL of them can be traced back to it's leadership.

  18. There's no "Suddenly" about it. They have been hypocrites for decades.

  19. To be blunt about it I believe that Elon Musk actually believes in free speech, which is why the left hates him. They loved him for his electric cars. They loved him for SpaceX. The hate started when he wanted to level the playing field regarding people being able to state their opinions.

  20. Balenciaga executives should now be labeled as groomers, don't you think? To show you what kind of people they really are, when they were first confronted with contents of their ads, they said "We didn't know that the ads contained this kind of "stuff".

  21. Balenciaga executives - and everyone else involved - need prosecuted for child abuse.

  22. Knowledge/Training/Experience: Use it or lose it.

  23. I wish that the general public could get more specific information regarding the situation. The offer mentioned (The proposal includes a cumulative 24 percent raise for workers and a $5,000 bonus over five years.) sounds reasonable, which actually means that there's more to it than we know. There are general statements made regarding "quality-of-life issues", but there's no specific information given what those issues are.

  24. Rail wife here! Keep in mind that any raises you see are over a 5-year contract period. With the 24% raise and $5000 bonus, once you add in the health insurance premium increase of $200/mo, my husband will be making 2% less than under his previous contract. This doesn't even take into account the fact that a 24% raise will catch employees up with inflation through 2021.

  25. Thank you for your reply. This is the kind of information I was looking for. It goes a long way towards explaining things for me. I find it extremely interesting that the federal and state governments have laws against semi-truck drivers driving for more than a set maximum of time, but don't have the same laws for trains.

  26. Wow!!! Only a 150? Now that's hard to believe.

  27. They've only looked at 150 things, so far... give them time to look at the rest.

  28. Yeah, you're right. The Biden mafia has been doings this for decades, so it could take quite a long time to unravel the crime web they have woven.

  29. At $2 to $3 a liter it would not take very long to pay for a high-level water filtration system.

  30. It's obvious to me that MSNBC is trying to separate the people of this country into different "camps". By their own terms, you are either a Nazi or racist if you don't agree with them on every left wing plan they come up with.

  31. I actually liked one of the questions/statements a lot: “I can assume that everyone I encounter will understand my [gender] identity, and not think I’m confused or hell-bound when I reveal it to them.” I identify as a male heterosexual that isn't confused in the least, and I'm not ashamed about my lifestyle at all.

  32. Eloïse Bouton is a prime example of what the left considers to be a "class act". I personally consider her, and her ilk to be more of an ASS act. As an agnostic who believes that there is a possibility that God exists, I have always tried not to intentionally insult anyone for their religious beliefs. For many on the left, their political beliefs are their religion. From this viewpoint Ms. Bouton's actions were her way of expressing her religious beliefs in the most insulting way possible in the house of worship of another religious order. Had she done anything of this nature in a mosque in the middle east what do you think the outcome would have been for Ms. Bouton? Would we have been able to find enough for burial? I doubt it, and this is NOT to insult anyone in the middle east: quite the contrary. The European Court of Human Rights seems to have forgotten that those other people in the church that day also had "human rights".

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