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  1. Okay I know someone that is highly recommended but resides on Grand Bahama. The price would include the cost of a plane ticket to Exuma. If you’re interested I can DM you the details

  2. $1/token by end of July. $1,000/token by August 15th. $1,000,000/token by August 17th.

  3. 4/30 at 8pm is the first day for migration. You will have 6 months to migrate to the new contract

  4. Shit well it’s a good thing you all came here this morning because In 4 days your tokens would be worthless, I will reply to you guys

  5. I went to swap Luffy website. It said with the airdrop. I don’t have to swap tokens. I’m a little confused.

  6. Nope you are correct it was not stated in the roadmap. Just another example of the DEV’s being attentive to the community and the market and being proactive with the project.

  7. . That’s pretty awesome! Thanks broskis

  8. Haha. Kind of irrelevant. But I also have 1011 jasmy. Haha

  9. I’ve been trying. But the collection I bought from is not on their or rare.tools. Does that mean the collection isn’t worth anything?

  10. Hmm it probably doesn't mean that they are completely worthless but the rarity sites only upload the ones with most demand. so it's definitely not that popular if its not on the site.

  11. It’s called not being a fucking pussy. And knowing what risk means

  12. People are so sensitive to be scammed? After you literally just said we’re gunna get scammed. Think before you speak moron

  13. This dude makes a fud statement. Then replies like I was just joking. Let me type a bunch of shit to make it seem real. Get the fuck out of here you bum

  14. We'd tell you, but then they wouldn't be chill, relaxed, and not too crowed anymore...

  15. Right by cane bay. But can go anywhere. Been to like 4 so far. Not bad. Just looking for more

  16. I'd check out Hay Penny on the South shore or Sandy Point out West. I'd say that most beaches are going to get a bit crazy on Sundays, but weekdays should tend to be more chill.

  17. Peace fudder. Have fun living at your moms till your 30.

  18. Thank you! These people are fucking stupid. Like look around. Everyone is down a lot dumb fucks

  19. We'll sponsor a boxing match and everything will be fine 👌

  20. Chumps. I’m still up 400 plus. Stop bitching or sell. You making this page look bad. Don’t invest into crypto if you weak.

  21. I think no one mentions this. But if I make stupid money from this. Where I could waste millions. I would buy a crap ton of the next wen lambo coin and burn a lot of it. Doge/shiba only went crazy cause vit burned a lot. I think this could create a paying it forward and hopefully a situation where everyone would help the little guy out.

  22. .08 and .09. But I think this is a 7-10 year hold. I’m gunna buy many many dips.

  23. Kind of funny how many people on here are freaking out. I’m very new to crypto and can already see why people are not joining in. If a dip happens. You guys act like it’s the end of the world and the whole thing is gunna crash. They literally posted about the guy having a fraud charge. And it’s still here. Ya’ll funny. I have 12b and still up like 400-500 in two months. You ain’t gunna make a shit ton of money in a day. Sounds like most of you should stop watching the charts every two minutes and chilllllll haha.

  24. Asuna inu. Locked Liquidy for the next 5 years

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