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  1. Because we were co-opted by morons on our flanks that took over the primaries, much like how the dems nearly had sanders as their candidate

  2. Eh I’d say that sanders atleast had some good talking points, and didn’t have any blatantly retarded takes, anyone who has even 1 geopolitical opinion in favor of Russia post February 2022 is either stupid, brainwashed or compromised

  3. Sanders foreign policy was pretty protectionist and pro-Russia

  4. Eh it wasn’t tooo pro Russia, he didn’t like nato expansion (which is a stupid argument) but that’s about it, and was pretty critical of them everywhere else, all in all a mixed bag in the sea of mixed bags that is American politicians

  5. I think it’s over correcting from doomsday preppers making everyone think we’re a bunch of nut jobs sitting in bunkers with machine guns

  6. My understanding is a lot of special forces issued body armor up in the mountain passes in Afghanistan ditched the armor, as well as a lot of the equipment they were issued in favor of mobility and comfort.

  7. I always heard a lot of them ditched the conventional helmets in favor of bump helmets, and they ditched the shoulder guards that were around for barely any time, most special forces interviews I’ve seen have said back and front plates were a necessity

  8. But that’s not necessarily a problem, the ac130 is the cheap and effective option that reformers wish the A-10 was. When fighting near peer opponents CAS aircraft are kinda impossible to use so drones or bombers with guided munitions have to fill that role

  9. Also it is a modified version of a cargo plane, and I am pretty sure it also has a better sensor suit than a A-10, with the man power to use it. It also has 30 mm autocannon and a 105mm cannon, and the ability to use missile and guided bomb in larger quantity than a A-10.

  10. It was certainly worth it for what America was using it for, quite frankly the A10 is one of the worst planes for counter insurgency since it’s got such shit targeting and accuracy that any given strike is likely to hit friendlies or civvies (which in turn might make them more sympathetic to the insurgents) on top of being expensive and a pain in the ass to maintain.

  11. Oh, I don't think I'm safe behind my keyboard, the World's Greatest Military Alliance however does make me think I'm safe

  12. The fact that my enemy is Russia makes me feel pretty safe, they can’t make it 500 miles past their own border, I think I’m safe an ocean away

  13. No, you’re seeing the largest support group for victims of fetal alcohol syndrome

  14. Didn't Hitler use similar language when talking about american and British alliance? Which still doesn't make sense since most Americans of European dissent aren't English

  15. If I’m not mistaken English Americans are still the largest single ethnic group in the USA, but nobody actually identifies as that in a census, Germans-Americans being the most common self reported ethnic group, but in reality most Americans are mutts, and with the exceptions of places that were pretty much 100% immigrants from certain places. That being said lots of Europeans are also mutts, and since lots of American families have been in the USA for hundreds of years at this point, maybe it’s time for Americans to just pack it in and call themselves American.

  16. Proud new Russian soilders equipped with state of the art Mosin nagants! No rust, shoot straight, ammo casings hasn't even begun to rust.

  17. Stupid westoid, ruzzia let’s it’s ammo casings rust on purpose, that way casing disintegrates when fired, ruzzia first military with caseless ammo, ruzzia strong

  18. Ukrainian is USA checking in , hope my brother won’t get nuked or I have to deal with his kids and fuck that

  19. Pretty sure if your brothers getting nuked the kids will be getting some too

  20. The it's designed for kids narrative is just straight up cold war propaganda by the US the fun thing is that it is a copy of a US mine.

  21. Not from the US, it comes from Afghanistan where due to a lack of desert colored mine the soviets used bright green forest colored mines, making afghans think they were supposed to look like toys. The US “dragon tooth” mines that these are based off of have a much more angular appearance than the butterfly mines, and were dropped into Vietnam where they actually blended in, which is why no similar myth was spread by the Vietnamese

  22. Yeah, these things are nasty, but they're designed to incapacitate and maim rather than kill. They're simply too small for that. It means that detonating them produces minimal secondary effect. Terrifying, to be sure, but I've seen plenty of videos of people mere feet from them detonating and have yet to see anyone wounded by them who didn't actually step on one.

  23. It’s kinda like a fireworks, sure you don’t want it to go off in your hand but 5 feet away and you’re fine

  24. I understand this argument myself, being of slavic descent. But... the practical reality in the US is that you only get the benefits of the "POC" label if you're not visibily white.

  25. It’s 100% appearance based in the US, as opposed to most places in the world that go down ethnic lines

  26. come now, those tires are dryrotted and worn beyond function.

  27. They’re stealing the rims and selling them for scrap

  28. My current theory is that France’s usual outward appearance of peaceful, cultured foppistry is merely a ploy to lull us into a false sense of security. In reality, the French are a bloodthirsty and violent people only vaguely suppressed by a diet of fine cheeses, breads and wines.

  29. The French have their origins as a Germanic tribe that the Roman’s took over and latinized, but at their core they are still savage, horse-maned, pants wearing, mustache having Gauls, and we see that every time they’re a bit cross

  30. I’m sure lots on here have but I’ll throw my two cents in, I went about 3 days without food during quarantine (was not mentally in a good place) after day 3 I finally went and ate because I was munching on a pencil and it didn’t taste half bad, afterwards the foods I craved were things with lots of fat, most specifically the fatty parts of prices of meat (that I would normally throw away) pretty much any food tastes good when you’re starving. And if you’ve ever read about old delicacies the thing that stands out is that they are high in nutrients that people at the time were craving (like beaver tail being basically a slab of fat)

  31. It was good while it lasted, shame that every game has gotta be a stream-able esports siege clone.

  32. The problem is that once the cat is out of the bag you can’t put it back in, at best it’ll be a weird obscure throwable/tool that isn’t used, at worst it’ll be a complete death sentence for shotgun users and only cement the long ammo meta even more. This reeks of a feature added to “esportify” (increase the speed of the game and make it more entertaining to watch on stream) the game.

  33. I agree.... I haven't been shot with a sniper rifle in ages.

  34. I think the only time I can truly say I’ve been killed by camping snipers (not opportunists who heard me or people outside boss layer) was when I was depositing snakes at maw battery and was shot from lighthouse by a mosin sniper w spitzet bullets , a few seconds later some duos pushed my buddy and I thought they had just got a pick and then pushed (which I respect), my buddy loops around the duos and goes to revive me and gets shot by the same guy, turns out he was a solo with 3.0KD.

  35. First of all, is confirmed that is an anti camping mechanic or a spotting mechanic. Second, i think this was needed in Hunt. I perfectly understand what you are trying to say about camping and the fact that is in the Hunt DNA, bu there are some situations where you just have a big disadvantage and cannot do anything about it. The case is when a team is covering a bounty in a big compound. Sometime when we make an assault, let alone the fact that from inside the building you can see people coming from far away, we have no idea where the defenders are. And yes, i can throw a dynamite, a frag and a hive bomb, but they can be heard easily and easily avoided. So how should I know which corner i have to check to not get deleted by a shotgun before I can even respond to the fire? It's too asymmetrical, attacking grants you no advantage at all, and if enemies have the bounty too they can basically see you trough walls whilst you have a very small idea where they could be.

  36. They have 5 seconds of darksight so it not really that much of a deal, and if you listen for the noise it makes when a hunter checks darksight you can rotate when you hear it and nullify them checking, bring decoy fuses, blank fire decoys, and actually follow up on the throwables once you throw them, the goal is to force the campers out of position and push before they recover, NOT kill them outright with the throwables. And if you really don’t wanna push them, you can run out of their darksight range and fight them on their way to extract. You’re supposed to be at a disadvantage when you’re attacking, if you don’t like it get there faster and fight them when the boss is still alive (where they’re at a massive disadvantage) , or get there first and be the defender

  37. I just can't imagine an "anti-camping mechanic" that isn't clunky and ruins what makes Hunt so interesting (mostly the lack of information about other players and the high freedom of approaches and movement).

  38. The only good anti camping mechanic I’ve seen in games is grenades (you know the thing designed to flush people out of rooms) I’m nervous as to what crytek will do because theirs a huge difference between shotgun camping (not that bad) and sitting outside the compound with long ammo (nearly impossible to beat if you aren’t also packing long ammo) bottom line I don’t trust crytek to add an anti camp mechanic that isn’t more frustrating than the campers

  39. Putin threatens nukes all the time, pretty sure it’s code for him his time of the month, and somebody at the kremlin needs to make a run for chocolate and pads

  40. Well it was bound to happen one day, and the USA will be the Prime target once they start flying. Glad I live on the other side of the planet.

  41. It’ll likely start with a ‘tactical’ nuke somewhere in Ukraine (possibly just in the middle of nowhere to show that Russia ain’t fucking around) and then escalate from there, I think the most likely sequence of events is nothing happens, Putin threatens nukes every time he’s on the rag. I think the second most likely option is Ukraine gets nuked once or twice and Cold War 2 is immediately in full swing, with the entire globe picking a side, after that things might escalate, or they might not, hard to say.

  42. I think there will be some unrest in localized areas. If you believe you may be in one of those localized areas, I would just prep for hunkering down for a few days until things quiet down.

  43. Or leave for a week, riots usually lose steam after a couple days, I’d say book a cheap hotel in a less politically contentious area and stay there for a few days if you can, can’t get hurt if you’re not there.

  44. Just don’t put up political signs on your lawn or property if you live in a very contentious area, and lay low. If you’re in the city there might be a riot, if you think it’ll be really bad then I’d just leave for a few days or a week right before the election, book a cheap hotel out in the middle of nowhere and chill for a while.

  45. Conplan 8888, it was just a thought exercise for some cadets or smth

  46. yeah iirc there’s an US Army Zombie plan simply because it was created as a training assignment or something like that.

  47. They starting using zombies, aliens, etc for training plans because when/if plans to invade other countries leak it tends to piss that country off

  48. Already a sub called China warns

  49. They thought it was full of copium

  50. As an American, I would love to see Americans reactions to this video, given that pretty much none of this taught in schools here and particularly younger Americans who grew up post 9/11 and have had the blatantly false narrative of “America good all the time” hammered into them since birth.

  51. Can someone explain to me why a lot of socialists are anti Ukraine? I’d much rather have a free Ukraine than one under the thumb of the oligarchical kleptocracy that is the Russian federation.

  52. Yeah I'm gonna have to X to doubt on þis one chief, it take a complete and total overhaul of Russia's government and military in order to fix most of þe endemic issues we've seen on display during þis war, and if anyone actually tried to do þat kind of overhaul your practically guaranteed to get a civil war

  53. It would take a full overhaul of Russian culture to address the corruption issues,

  54. Yeah, I don't think most people realize how far back these past six months have set them. This is going to be decades of recovery both militarily and economically and without fixing the deep-rooted cultural issues it's not going to be much good anyway. If it wasn't for Russia's non-zero number of functioning nukes it would have been partitioned by now

  55. If it weren’t for the nukes I think Russia would’ve Balkanized in 1992, let’s not forget the US tried to help Russia build a functional capitalist democracy (i know another amazing success in nation building)

  56. Now I am not a qualified war scientist but I do believe it can carry 80 of the goddamn things and every bomb that misses is a scary story fish pirates can tell their friends about around the campfire.

  57. I hate to say it but the A10 might just be perfect for this, no anti air, target too cheap to justify missiles or bombs, shooting at civilians, If that’s not the a10s specific use case I don’t know what is

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