1. When my oldest daughter is in town for a visit, she always asks for my vegetable curry. Bean burgers are easy to make and very flexible with what you can add to them. Chili hand pies are fun to make AND eat. Vegetable lasagna, veggie pizza, Mediterranean grilled veggies can go on anything and make an amazing sandwich with fresh buffalo mozzarella. Spring rolls are always fun.

  2. I don't know how you prepare your eggs, but for an omelet, quiche or frittata, I add some butter and milk or cream to cut the "egginess". You can add pesto to the egg as well and the basil will add a nice flavor to the egg.

  3. My Grandmother's apple cake recipe comes to mind. If you get the equipment, you can do a green apple hard cider - check out Brewsy for that.

  4. I have a smoking cloche with a board. Just ignite the wood chips, put the cocktail or small pieces of fish on the board and cover with the cloche. Easy and elegant.

  5. I have a kitchen cutting garden. When I am done with green onions, leeks, celery and onions, I will get them rooted and planted. Beet tops, carrot tops I will keep them growing leaves to harvest for salads. Used up romaine hearts can get rooted and will still keep growing. If I have a potato that is sprouting, into a pot of soil it goes! I don't have a big garden, I just have a little patio and lots of containers - it is a lot of fun!

  6. Bagel bar. Cream cheeses, sliced tomatoes, hummus, toppings etc. Fruit salad/fruit.

  7. I collect old recipe books, vintage church fundraiser recipe books and will buy hand-written recipe cards at estate sales. I love that stuff. There is a lot of great stuff out there. I would get your hands on the Joy of Cooking cookbook (mine dates back to the early 50's) and see what rings a bell.

  8. I have a Nakiri and it gets a good workout. It's my favorite knife in the block.

  9. I'll run with your stuffing waffle and cranberry syrup idea and add fried turkey (instead of chicken) - so fried turkey and waffles.

  10. Fresh, non-pasteurized eggs have a pretty long shelf life in the fridge. The glass of water trick works nicely.

  11. Growing up, gnocchi was part of holiday dinners so I was spoiled by fresh gnocchi. The one time I bought some prepackaged for a quick meal, they were horrible. Never again. I'll stick to making them myself.

  12. I like to serve serve short ribs over polenta and some garlicky greens. Biscuits are good if you have a gravy or jus to sop it up with. How about a savory bread pudding? You can do individual ones in ramekins and maybe the BF can be converted.

  13. If they are store bought, they are cleaned and pasteurized which means the protective membrane around them is gone. Farm-fresh non-pasteurized eggs are good for a month at room temp (had a chicken farm). Toss' em and ask for forgiveness from our chicken overlords.

  14. I personal chef in other peoples' kitchens and I am used to having people watching me cook as I explain what I am doing. I have two rules: stay out of my way and keep my wine glass filled.

  15. Because it is a chicken breast, the chances are very low. The bacterial load you would need in order to contaminate everything else in your shopping cart would have to be pretty high to cause a problem. You're fine.

  16. I can relate to this a little bit. As a side hustle, I cook a lot between dinner parties and catering small events. I always taste my food so I know it is good but once it is served, I generally don't eat much if at all. For me, it is because I am satisfied it tastes good and I don't need to eat it again. I don't do left-overs unless I absolutely have to. Been there, done that, I'm bored with it. I'm way more interested in the creative process, the presentation and having people enjoy my food.

  17. How about a Balsamic Onion Tart? Super easy, makes a great appetizer. You can add heirloom tomatoes or goat cheese or both. I make it for dinner parties. The balsamic vinegar really helps caramelize the onions and they don't taste "oniony".

  18. Please share. Its getting too rainy to BBQ and I have some nice pork belly I got from the butcher.

  19. I roast garbanzo beans, then add salt and spices for a high protein and high fiber snack.

  20. Pear Tart Tatin would be my first choice. You can puree the pears and freeze it for later. I would do a pork roast with pears, or make a flatbread with spicy grilled pears. Pear Crumble is also easy to do.

  21. A chicken and rice casserole was something my grandmother made a lot. Rice, veggies of your choice, chicken thighs and cream of mushroom, celery or broccoli 0and cheese soup. The leftovers are even better the next day.

  22. Using a gnocchi board or a fork is to help hold the sauce. You can simply roll the dough into a tube and cut with a knife to create a little pasta pillow. I would focus on making a more flavorful pasta by incorporating mushrooms, cheese and herbs. Gnocchi is very humble and very flexible.

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