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  1. Joining the master is obviously not canon in fo1. Joining the Enclave is obviously not canon in fo3 or else the brotherhood wouldn't have the manpower to invade the commonwealth in 4 with all the dead potential recruits they had in 3. I don't remember the options in fo2. Since no evil faction has won in fallout I doubt legion won in nv. House could be neutral but he definitely wasn't a good guy so it was either ncr or independent. Honestly if house "won" hoover damn and made ncr sign the deal they could have just artillery striked the 38 killing house anyway. The snakes head is cut off and everything else is chaos there for the ncr to mop up. In 4 even if the railroad wins it defeats their purpose for existing since there's no new synths to liberate so they shouldn't be canon. The minutemen are an idea so they can't really die. Without the survivor the institute would win so I don't think them winning is canon. So in 4 it's a mix between the minutemen and brotherhood forming a repeat of what happened with the ncr and bos

  2. It’s literally impossible that the ncr can bomb house. Considering that the guy was literally able to destroy nukes before they landed.

  3. Considering how good dutch weed is there is no point in buying cali for 25 a gram

  4. Quando parlo di questo argomento con qualcuno che ha un’attività sento sempre parlare di queste commissioni miliardarie per cui un caffè costerebbe 3€ se pagato col POS. Mi dite quanto c’è di vero in questa obiezione?

  5. È un tre percento del cazzo, mia mamma nel suo negozio ha un pos da quando esistono le carte di credito. Anche lei sostiene che sia un dito in culo, in fondo lei è stata costretta a metterlo. Basterebbe che lo stato trovi un accordo con le banche come in molti altri stati del mondo per evitare questa tassazione, anche se ripeto, è solo il tre percento. Tra l’altro al giorno d’oggi ci sono tante agenzie di pos che non prendono commissioni.

  6. Si cazzo ma allora togliete anche l’iva a sto punto legalizziamo il nero e torniamo al boom economico degli anni 80

  7. Ok, was thinking women were getting around 1,000 a month, so that's a lot lower.

  8. Also, is not that you put stuff on only fans and it sells, you need to have at least one instagram page that you work on to make people go on your onlyfans. It’s a lot of work, and considering how many hot women do this, it’s only normal that only the famous ones get a lot of money

  9. I am currently in AMS and I am trying out as many coffeeshops as I can that you have advised to work in on my laptop. I think I will write another post once I am back home with some reviews, hopefully some people will find it useful

  10. Thanks bro! You really made me fall in love for the FF, their Mac-1 is the best in the city imo.

  11. Also, i may pick up something from Het Gelderse Coffeeshop, i know is in centraal but i never been and i always had an hunch that the weed is good and prices are fair (i saw their menu)

  12. Most ice cream shops close down here during the winter, but you can try a nice oliebol. 😃😃😃

  13. My g since you are from the netherlands you are not allowed to participate in a conversation about food, give personal thoughts or advices about food

  14. Probably no worse that what most coffeeshops are selling.

  15. Clearly never been in a coffeeshop in your life

  16. Market has been crashing for one year? Did you just find out about crypto?

  17. Going to block it now, i had no clue i could block only your stuff thanks

  18. It’s a videogame no one will judge you don’t worry

  19. It's been something I've always been trying to tell others. Be careful which culture we're influenced by, some has our interests at heart, and some just want to capitalize on the group mentality which leads us to fight each other for our "ideals" that usually aren't our own. Much love my dude.

  20. But you see, it’s not only music, that’s why I don’t think that music is the answer. I have been listening to rap since i am 11 and I don’t smoke blunts, because here in italy is not a thing (the only people smoking woods here are white italian people that act like rappers, which also kinda proves your point) but most of us hip hop heads smoke joints. I guess it’s also about the place you come from?

  21. Aaaaa your food full of hormones gets the job done

  22. Weed has for sure withdrawls, and they can be super harsh. But i think you are feeling worse because you have been compesating with weed after your relationship stopped, i think you didn’t give enough sober time to make your heart and brain recover from such an unfortunate event. Give time to yourself ♥️

  23. I will be in amsterdam next week!! Can’t wait to go to barneys

  24. Butch still died very easily in power armor to super mutants. Like under a minute from the overlords.

  25. Butch is an idiot, that’s why he doesn’t survive

  26. Charon has a nice story, paladin star is a fucking loser. Jericho is cringe as fuck

  27. Why is it broken? I just walked away before the door closed?

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