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  1. Depends on how bastardy the Irish Courts and government want to be.

  2. Labour disputes between a private company and their employees isn't really something the Irish govt will get actively involved in, beyond actually setting out the labour laws in the first place.

  3. I recently learned about farm triangles, should I be going for these in most/all my cities?

  4. Farms aren't really THAT good, in my opinion. Anywhere that you are building farms you SHOULD aim for groupings of at least 2 or 3, but it's not worth planning your cities around it. I never build solo farms unless it's early game and I want the eurekas for irrigation or feudalism. Most of the time I'll build a large group of 6-7 farms in areas with multiple wheat/rice and try to split it between two or three cities. Farms also tend to be pretty good around natural wonders (that give bonus yields or surrounding tiles) or volcanoes, where they can take advantage of natural yields.

  5. Thanks a lot. Seems like the answer to literally every question you can ask about this game is "it depends". But appreciate all the info here. Was actually thinking of trying Korea next so will keep this in mind.

  6. Most of it is fine, there's a few places I wouldn't live. Can you be more specific?

  7. Mentioned this before but after the first pair screwed up and I replaced them, I didn't touch the firmware.

  8. In the end I just brought them back earlier today and got the Sony ones instead. Last straw was they decided to turn on and pair while in the case. I don't think it was hardware either.

  9. Can you check their firmware version? and can you also check if they'd work with cables on?

  10. I updated the firmware when I got them to 2.9.12 but I think this reverts when you reset the headphones. Next time they stop I'll check with the cable but I don't think that works either.

  11. Q, are you playing on an earth map? I find that earth usually has a bigger distance between continents (correct me if I’m wrong), so traveling to other places to conquer is more tedious. Other maps will have shorter distance between continentes and if you are playing Terra all of the capitals will be somewhat in reach. Great generals/admirals are really good for getting places faster. Simon bolivar is really good at moving faster. Having roads to cities prior war makes getting to a city a lot faster (especially when upgraded to railroads). If you get to late game and still haven’t won, the further capitals all you really need is a bomb and unit to take the city. Edit: a friendly reminder that you don’t have to conquer every single city. Whether you raze/only raid/conquer/liberate a city depends on what benefits you would receive/gain from that city. The most powerful cities to take is usually the ones closest to the capital itself. You don’t necessarily have to obliterate every city. It’s can actually be smart to leave part of them be if they are rendered practically irrevelant to the game.

  12. My current game is a small lakes map. I've taken a pause in war to build a load of bombers, I'm under zero threat but just want to get the W.

  13. I would say if you are building bombers you are currently in the late game. Basically you should be completing your win condition. Have you completed the Manhattan Project/Operation Ivy?

  14. No I haven't done those yet. I've just unlocked bombers. I don't really know what I'm doing so definitely not playing optimally or anything close to it. But the game is won, nobody is a threat anymore, just have to clean up.

  15. I flew through SFO earlier in the year, whatever bag scanners they have mean you do not have to take ANYTHING out of your hand luggage. They just scan the bag, that's it. It's such a game changer.

  16. Nice job, will just say I agree with others that that isn't how I picture Cassius at all but I was able to guess several of the others without checking the name so aligned on that. I guessed Eo was Lyria but I don't think that's too much of a sin!

  17. I spent about 2 months wages on my wife's. It was a ring she really liked. You can get them made these days which can work out cheaper.

  18. I think it's fine. Never dated anyone from work but I have worked with many many couples who worked in the same company and occasionally in the same department and it never seemed to be any issue. It does get murky if one is the boss of the other but you've said that doesn't apply here.

  19. Nah, again you’re twisting my words. Twisting which doesn’t work well when it’s a written conversation. Re-read what was actually said. There’s no conspiracy. Not everything is a conspiracy.

  20. ‘A FFG conspiracy’. I never said that. What in the name of god are you on about?

  21. Still shiting on about completely unrelated parties in a thread about Sinn Fein and their leader being connected and in fact taking advantage of their relationship with criminal gangs and terrorists. Dodge, deflect, what about, etc.

  22. When did they last purchase these 12+ contracts? Seems prices went up very very fast, but should they have if the wholesale price was locked in lower by a 12 month contract?

  23. Consumer prices did not go up very fast. The wholesale price of gas started rising in late 2020 or early 2021. There was a certain amount of insulation from that for consumers for the exact reasons given above.

  24. I'm sure the teller stealing money would be a great way to get sacked and a conviction. I'm also sure there are cameras all over the place where they are handling cash. Just go back to the bank and explain what happened, I would bet the house it's a mistake.

  25. I still don't have the leader pass nor can I add the anthology to my account. Own all the other DLC. Anyone else still waiting?

  26. Those are amateur numbers, obviously the solution is to ban new builds of professionally run rentals because landlord scum etc etc. Building apartments only causes the prices of houses and rent prices to go up.

  27. This is exactly what the majority of this sub is going to vote for in 2025. Depressing.

  28. If there are the numbers are tiny. There are not that many rough sleepers in Dublin, maybe 100 on a given night.

  29. Not only do I not have access to the new leaders, it appears I've also lost access to all the other DLC content as well. I'm sure it'll get sorted but very odd.

  30. *Happened in Japan, killer was imprisoned in Japan, as I think people tend only to read the headlines.

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