1. I believe I've decided on Bluebonnet and I'm thinking a vintage style grey suede strap with either orange or blue stitching.

  2. I hope so! I've always been a metal bracelet or NATO strap guy. I just got my first suede strap today and it's amazing. I think it's the perfect classy casual match cause the Crossroads oozes classy casual to me.

  3. Love that! And yeah, I think suede will match the vibe perfectly. I do plan to make a metal strap for this in the near future. I just want to dedicate the appropriate time to it

  4. Is it their first watch? Any idea on pricing? Curious to try some square watches

  5. Thanks amigos! I’m the owner. I do have a square-ish watch coming out. The red color is super hard to define. Sometimes looks purple, sometimes looks red. I think it looks like wine, hence why I called it the Cabernet. Anyway, there’s a couple photos on my site at

  6. Mate! Thanks for replying regarding the red dial. I saw some recent photos you posted, and the red looked more purple. Not entirely sure how I feel about the more-purple, less-red, but I'm keen to see more pictures as the project moves towards Kickstarter. Pretty sure I'll still be gunning for the red one though in the end.

  7. Thanks for the kind words! The square-ish watch shape was honestly a surprise to me, as I’m generally not a huge fan of square watches, outside of a select few. But after I first sketched it, I just kept coming back to the shape and I’ve grown to love it (which is also strange as I generally hate everything I design 😂). It’s extremely comfortable and fun to look at. I’ve been calling it an “office watch” because it strikes a nice balance between casual and dress.

  8. Signed up for the news letter, love that red dial!

  9. As a designer, I appreciate the time and effort put into the design. As a human being (I’m not even going to say decent human being. The bar is so low for these scumbags), I hate absolutely everything else about this.

  10. Those things are crazy. I see them every day here in Austin, and got stung on the thumb last summer while I was mowing. Literally felt like my hand was melting from the inside out.

  11. They also don’t use barcodes in their stores so they can do some… clever accounting. Also rip you off at the register and make it nearly impossible to go back later and know what you bought. I can’t believe anybody bothers going there.

  12. I worked at hobby lobby in high school. The barcode thing drove me fucking crazy, but it also made it really easy to sell expensive art shit to my friends for literal pennies.

  13. You’d think they’d care enough about their inventory management to have some barcode system, but it’s just more evidence they are a really weird company and I don’t trust them.

  14. you would think. It really was a strange place. I worked back in the art department, and every Tuesday we had to take our giant inventory books, walk up and down the aisles of our department and check every. single. product. by hand to make sure we had enough in stock. This was very frustrating in the paint and marker section because they'd get mixed up constantly, but it was way worse for the poor soul that had to organize and do inventory for all the bead section.

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