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  1. Wait how old is she supposed to be then. I always figured she was like late 20s early 30s maybe in TCW

  2. Does anyone else want to say K2SO4 lmao? Idk I didn't learn much in chemistry but I can remember the chemical compound for potassium sulfate 😂

  3. I'm literally getting a vasectomy because I'm so close to poverty that having a kid would bankrupt me forever

  4. I got mine, no regrets, the state of Oregon paid for it because I was poor, thank you planned parenthood

  5. Yeah that's where I'm going too. From what I understand though it might cost a little bit but not too much.

  6. That's what I don't like about it. Plus at least with the stormtrooper helmet you could imagine what all the parts of it were for... Like vents on the sides and dual connections for life support, this new one just looks like some studio guy said: "hey what if we just take the lines we had on the old one and connect them all together , then streamline the black parts for no apparent reason so looks like you're viewing it through a Snapchat filter?"

  7. Clean it up first, then I could give you a better estimate through pics.

  8. They all suck. I prefer long format media that I can put on in the background as I scroll memes and space out

  9. Yeah I'm down 30 lbs since this time last year and only my mom notices.

  10. Yeah trades guys are toxic as fuck. That's part of the reason I got out when I could. The other part was because it didn't pay a living wage lmao

  11. Why does it not hurt your stats when you team kill? That should help eliminate team killing, right? Like every team kill negates one enemy kill.

  12. Even after the first two, my immediate takeaway is : we're assholes here

  13. Yeah online sucks. Idk why I thought it'd be any different than GTA Online.

  14. See that I'm hesitant to use, even in sentences where it would sound better, simply because I feel like that's reddit and 4 chan's slur for autistic people. 😂

  15. If you have a valid medical reason, yes. But not because your retirement looks like shit. A medical professional shouldn't have to have a death on their conscience just because you didn't have enough money for retirement and wanted to suicide out of it.

  16. That's kind of a dumb reason tho. It's not medical professionals fault you can't afford to live, it's politicians and billionaires, probably the same billionaires that own the medical facilities where you're committing suicide.

  17. Ew. Major simp vibes. This is worse than the miss who's piss I sippie one.

  18. C'mon now, miss whose piss I'd sippi is a certified banger

  19. No government officials are telling anything to Newsweek. Newsweek ceased to be a real publication a decade ago, and has no relation to the magazine that was in your school library.

  20. It's funny you say that, that's literally how I was introduced to it, my school had a subscription that sat on the magazine rack in the library and you could borrow it if you wanted.

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