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  1. No it wont Unless it has some Solid fundamentals Implemented. Burns and Utilities that will be a Benefit. Shiba has Whales buying craploads like 40m odd. But If things are done Properly yes and you have patience. I would rather wait 5 years and see Development rather then fast run up and another Crash/Burn.

  2. Whales aren't buying 40m brother there buying billions lol 40m for the standard guy these days

  3. I don't have any social media account other than this does that mean I have no chance lol?

  4. do the maths on circulating supply,marketcap and max supply could but that would put it in the top 20 no its not likely.

  5. Lmao shiba was a nothing coin that nobody new, suddenly it was in the top 10 crypto......anything is possible!!!!

  6. Great. Love this community because it's healthy and the team always listens to opinions. Appreciate that.

  7. Healthy and the team always listens lol, anyone I speak to now a days about rbif says the exact opposite. This used to be a great place and was helpful and yes it did feel like opinions were listened to but that came to an end when everyone started getting like possessive and any sort of negative comment got down voted! No one is aloud to say anything negative, any suggestions just get ignored or you get hounded because it's not what the 'devs' want to here. Place has turned into a joke

  8. When you think of it, if all these people have millions of tokens, then the burn won't happen as everyone wants it to as a lot of the supply is owned by consumers, no one will burn there own bags, soon as you see big bags you know it's going nowhere

  9. Aw man thought I was finally going bro make something to get me out this hole I'm in

  10. I’ve purchased 79.99 bundle & 20 rare packs for 79.99 in one day! Tell me about addictive 👨‍🔬

  11. Lol no issues supporting the game by helping you Shiba masters see what you can buy in the card decks if curious :)

  12. But why not buy 79.99 in shiba and burn it with a post showing you did, would help out shiba much more

  13. Just an idea, everyone is raving how good this game is like it's the best ever "been playing it for hours" like get a grip man! The game isn't that good at all!! How about instead of spending money on this shit game that a percentage goes to burning shiba why don't you guys actually buy shiba and burn the full quantity? For more effective !!

  14. finally a man who discusses this project!! I like the project and I am glad that it is constantly developing:) for me it is a passive income

  15. Can anyone here help me, I have found some crypto in my pancake swap account and basically want to transfer it out. Does anyone know how to

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