1. Of course, how silly of me for not knowing this arbitrary abbreviation for a specific location within the US!

  2. I think he’s a “he” because of the huge bumps around his private parts.

  3. My girl Flora recently became sexually mature and turns out he's a Florentino!

  4. what is the purpose of the thing sticking out of the bottom?

  5. that is interesting. i was under the impression that worm tea is made when you add castings into water and allow to aerate for a few days and that you shouldnt have enough moisture in your bin to require a drain. guess you learn something new every day.

  6. No you're probably right, I personally havent built a worm farm but I've heard of people making tea and assumed it was something to do with that. Your explanation makes sense!

  7. Be sure to post the divorce pics on here too!

  8. some people, me included, enjoy the ritual of rolling. its not a chore nor does it make your life harder. just something to do. its not like your pressed for time out in the middle of the woods

  9. I love how he hates bad weather but those are always my favorite videos. Something about someone weathering a storm is incredibly relaxing to me. If slim looks terrified in the thumbnail I know I’m in for a banger lol

  10. I like watching other people weathering a nasty storm from the comfort of my cozy warm bed :3

  11. It’s a bot/spam acct, they steal other peoples posts and misspell some shit. Very strange

  12. for context : last night I was at a bar with a friend at a reddit meeting and this drunk Indian dude came to offer everyone to continue drinking at his house, after some very shitty drunk driving we got to his apartment, and he was continuously splurging about how much money he has, while continuously stumbling around his apartment and falling around on the couch

  13. Nah I think they might be Squash seeds because 2 of the 3 words in the title of the post say "Squash seeds"

  14. Lmao! You totally got me. I know hedgehog 🦔 is a 'delicacy' in some cultures

  15. I just don’t think it will work. The bread will be a goner by the time the cheese gets close to done, if the cheese can be dried at all.

  16. If you spin the turret around to face backwards, does it act like a giant thruster? 🤔

  17. i dont really consider that littering. more someone expressing themselves publicly, probably a schizo but still interesting none the less

  18. Do I look like a cat to you boy? Am I jumpin' around all nimbly bimbly from tree to tree?

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