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  1. I'm staking with whispernode and golden ratio staking, If I'm not wrong 600% APY would be way more than what i've been receiving, I also tried to check if validators are up and that seems to be the case so idk, maybe someone could share their stats regarding staking rewards

  2. You can skip step one and use the faucet to deposit directly to your NOM BTC address.

  3. Turns out you have to buy - create a profile again too, old one no longer works

  4. Yeah you need to make a new profile. Your not actually buying anything though, it's all testnet. Thanks for pointing that out.

  5. You dont need to join no discord and verify.

  6. damn frens also did not compound as intended? really strange. but it does seem to be a thing on huahua network mostly i think, i am on nearly all chains, and only problem i have is on huahua and last week on UMEE, but autostake said there was a problem and responded after 3h by mail and they fixed it after a day. anyway, finally after tagging skynet in discord for 3! times, they responded, saying some issues, bla bla. the usual thing. but if you ever face this issue, you have to call them out publicly. and to warn other people :) 30days is a long time in the crypto world haha

  7. Frens seem to be working now, quite frequently although I cannot state they do as advertised, skynet also work now, although rather daily instead of advertised, I also enabled yieldmos on them so don't know which works and when

  8. 1BT1 says:

    Thats correct, it will have to be claimed planned for This weekend, we will announce an exact date/time by Friday. Wrapping up some additional testing for $GKEY fairdrop.

  9. Will this be for the initial segment (part of August) or cumulatively till the end of September?

  10. 5% commission on all of our nodes in every chain.

  11. Glad to hear that. The validator pool is extremely small and unattractive as is, glad to hear you'll enrich it!

  12. 1BT1 says:

    All GKEY fairdrops will need to be claimed. It will be officially announced where to claim here/on discord and on twitter as well. Planned distribution is around mid/late September.

  13. If August is over and lists are finalized as I've seen them to be, why so late?

  14. meh, think probably just bc smaller dev team and since this is the first one making sure everything is set up and tested before rolling out if I had to guess. They doing a NFT rollout out this week that took a lot of focus form them from what I understand, so maybe future months will be slightly shorter turnaround. I don't personally find a 2-3 turnaround time form last snapshots last long.

  15. Well, NTFs shouldn't take the focus away since we helped their validators get into active sets, so focus should be held here. Not a biggie though, I admit, but on the other hand all data is in place from moths start as they presented it

  16. Where do you want to "send" them? They exist at the same time in both places since those are places that show the state of the chain. Same seed will show same ownings in both places

  17. So if August is already over, why do you keep on advertising this in the future tense? Drop the rewards for the active nodes (at least) already!

  18. Because they are doing ongoing snapshots and more rewards for future months. This isn’t a one time deal just for August for the gkey fairdrop

  19. And just to enlarge your knowledge, final lists for August are already in place as announced by them yesterday, they just have to disburse.

  20. Since it's a monthly or per month drop, your comment doesn't make sense. Snapshots might be ongoing but August is over.

  21. nice! but it looks like domain registration is expensive and time limited (800$ per year??) for comparison my unstoppable domain was $20 and it’s for life

  22. Seems the drop checker is NOT working with the cosmos address as it claims, but it does work with the gno g1 address - as it shows the testnet2 allocation. One can find the gno g1 address at a price. If there is a safe/risk free modality of deriving the own g1 address (as in not importing mnemonic in adena...), would like to know too

  23. Damm, these mofos... Aren't all signed and validated messages we sent forever on the chain? What if they didn't pick all? Pick them all now, they're there

  24. Can't seem to make it work in any way. Tried with some other platform with keplr some days ago, now trying with the omniflix platform and also keplr, no transaction is initiated, like voting or staking, with error:

  25. Found something more. On the EVM side tries to connect to metamask where it is probably usable too to mint NFTs, will have to try it out

  26. Chain looks like an EVM hybrid so probably not quite well compatible with keplr yet.

  27. 93% for the time they are up is pretty bad missing that many blocks in just a few weeks of uptime isnt good

  28. If they were not slashed, which they weren't, then approximately the same rewards are to be expected. Which is the case for me. I am getting normal rewards. There must be something else in case of the OP

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