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  1. I like that first patch note, I don't know why, but it does it for me.

  2. first and only thing I saw on their twitter was animated toddler cp.

  3. They may have had identical names and be different people, but I am not checking again

  4. Yeah I was surprised to see the mods of this sub using it as their personal advertising agency, I get they are on their own here, but come on.

  5. Did they give a reason for the change?(I know alot of decisions in the game are based on 'realism' so I'm sure there was something)

  6. cbms were removed from safes due to lore changes which I dont agree with, and the safecracking skill was brought in with the proficiency system. the way it was added seems they just scaled the effectiveness down without much though, which is the very common cdda issue of being implemented before being balanced. I don't know about this one specifically, but this issue in general tends to be someone adding it because they could and expecting someone else to eventually balance it out.

  7. Or, hear me out: Safe cracking is just very slow to learn and apply, especially compared to a blow torch

  8. That's a fair point, but from a gameplay perspective its unbalanced. Having a skill that takes ages to improve be completely superseded by a comparatively easy to make item isn't great.

  9. Do you have a comparison of the efficacy of grinding the spider pope through newspapers versus the Balmoral forest?

  10. I don't have exact numbers for Newspapers, but based on (somewhat generous) approximations, the overall EPA seems to only be around 5 there

  11. I calculated around 4.9x on spider weeks through newspapers, a little less because of sailing times. I was wondering if the forest method was in general better when doing the other skeletons it helps build. Thanks for the response!

  12. What are the specific nutrients to care for on a high weight loss diet? I know you should 'eat healthy' but it would help me manage it if I knew the important nutrients a high loss diet should focus on. I was thinking of taking a multivitamen to compensate, but I cant find solid information on a legitimate one.

  13. I'm dieting pretty heavily and as such I'm looking for a multivitamen to compensate, any reccomendations for ones that aren't crap? I know eating nutrient dense food is better, but it's not realistic for my situation.

  14. while cool in theory, I dont think it would be that effective in practice. I always find it hard to time shouts because it has weird delays, doing so for arrows would be a nightmare.

  15. the issue with the observation is that ones that are surprisingly nice and helpful tend to not have mods where there are issues.

  16. Good. It’s so obvious when she gets uncomfortable with people trying to sexualize her like the more lewd Vtubers. There’s a plethora of them out there to thirst over, but that’s not Juniper. Let her be herself and either like her for being herself, or go find a Vtuber that enjoys being sexualized.

  17. She's fine with nsfw, it just has to be tasteful and the feet thing wasnt.

  18. I know she has said she’s okay with artists lewding her, but as long as I’ve watched her she has never, or rarely been lewd or sexualized herself during stream. It’s like she’s okay if Artists do it where she isn’t aware of it, but in real time, in her face, she’s uncomfortable with it.

  19. She's literally made porn of herself on stream, now be that as it may, the cringe comments are still cringe. There is definitely a zone of appropriateness between those extremes and that's what she calls tasteful nsfw.

  20. Nutritionally its the same, but in all other aspects its insane. Why not get protein powder?

  21. What do you think of the new rudy enb version compared to last version?

  22. Has anyone designed a highly optimized farm industry design in game? I've tried before but it never turns out right

  23. i think part of the fun is that auto save isn't in these games, right?

  24. Thats completely unrelated. You don't go back to your save point when you die, you get sent back to your base.

  25. it is entirely related. it means you lose materials and any progress if you dont manually save. if autosave existed, and you get your cyclops destroyed, you just reload your autosave from 2 minutes ago and nothing bad actually happened.

  26. Then have it be a 15 minute auto save like most games. For that matter, save scrumming still exists, just without the benefit of preventing massive losses in progress that you get with autosave, technology that is literally 40 years old.

  27. Bit of a stupid question, but doesn't Sons of Skyrim already do this?

  28. She is not the longest reigning monarch ever, it's Louis XIV king of France... She is just the longest reigning monarch of England and the Commonwealth.

  29. All the jokes are lauding her, thats as respectful as ive ever seen the internet

  30. We could actually just chose to keep her as head of state nothing explicitly says it has to be a living person

  31. Honestly that would be nice, Canada really should move on and this is a sad but good opportunity to do so. Either removing the royal family completely or just keeping queenie would be good for me.

  32. "Hmm how can I make this sad foreign event about American politics?"

  33. Using the mod Classical Lichdom (a set of fixes and features for Undeath) you can advance your lich form using filled black soul gems. However things do get a bit stale after the questbsince you can’t do it until level 30 and a necromancer is already hard pressed to fill their time until then assuming you aren’t a good samaritan with a dirty secret. Looking for more mods to try and fix that was something I was planning on doing next new run

  34. Well my issue is more the depth of the transformation. With vampire lord and lets just say Sacrosanct, you have a lot of added gameplay surrounding it. You progress by eating people in human form and killing in monster form. There are quests where you take out specific targets for more growth. You need to feed to sustain yourself, and specific abilities to help with this. You get an entire new class of magic to play with, while still benefiting a wide variety of other playstyles. Oh and t here are artefacts you can find that boost your power further

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