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  1. Disappointing actually, you're better than this WoW community.

  2. The 4 people that still play that game to farm the same mount they have been hunting for for 15 years have really gotten toxic.

  3. I actually want to say this is staged. Because, there is no reason for him to have her hold it. Then he adjusts his working position so that he is perfectly inline with it when it falls. Then she gets a phone call right then. Also, I question if anyone is really that stupid.

  4. That cant be real wood, if it was this video would have a live leak logo

  5. Looking at it I would definitely say it is very light. When it hits the guy it has no momentum. Then he acts like he was hit hard a moment later.

  6. Lol. Well no but it was said for a while that certain 3 letter groups would monitor what you check out of the library. So maybe they got a ding on a video they didn't like and with a little dark sense of humor they tested the HAARP based on the location of the DVD case, I remember it having some kind of chip probably a simple anti theft device. Its not a serious claim but mayhaps the absurdity is the ultimate protection. It was a freak weather event.

  7. If they are monitoring iy and they don't want someone to see it why wouldn't they just remove it?

  8. She must really have a Large Set of problems he needs to help her with. I am sure he is doing his best to give her a hand.

  9. I read something recently about car manufacturers specifically and how they constantly have to toe the line between innovative and familiar.

  10. I have been watching a lot of car videos lately and this body style is honestly what sells. So, they all make one. They can have one or two vehicles that look a little different.

  11. Not gonna lie looking at his account it looks fairly generic. With nothing mentioned about Antarctica until 2 months ago. It could easily be a purchased account.

  12. I don't know with marijuana legalization on the horizon a number of feds will need another pointless crime to enforce.

  13. Someone is getting payed hundreds of thousands of dollars to look down a line and somehow managed to mess it up😑

  14. Hedgefund manager. He never had to cover because he was trying to find his son.

  15. All my family bought for Thanksgiving was food. So, I guess if people need to starve in a recession than it is canceled. Because, we ate food on thanksgiving.

  16. As someone who's knew to CBD, what is special about Tilray? Is it just a brand tour loyal to or has a different process than the others? I live in Ireland and recently enough we started to grow and produce our own CBD for all the various ways to use it and weed kinda sucks most the time and buying of organized gangs doesn't feel so good the old I get do CBD seems pretty ideal but ye what's the craic with Tilray?

  17. Ah yes nah I get ye with being an investor and wanting to support the brand you chose that's definitely not in question, So what made you decide to become an investor? To me it's a lil odd to own shares of something you can purchase (yet) so just saw an opportunity and didn't let it slip by? Also if I'm coming across as ignorant I'm sorry I'm genuinely curious as it seems like Ireland will become more relaxed and open towards CBD and THC products.

  18. I don't understand why there wasn't more of a boycott of the world cup this year.

  19. What's soccor? That thing with loads of armor on the players and all the ads and breaks you could want?

  20. No it is that game where people kick a ball around for hours and never score any points. But, they can not use their hands even though the ball is right there and they fall over screaming pain whenever another player touches them.

  21. lol wow dude. I’m guessing you ran out of talking points to regurgitate from your favorite YouTuber 😂

  22. People do not realize that if everyone bought 500 dollars worth of APE ( assuming there are 4 million of us ) that would be 1.6 billion ape shares.

  23. In order to buy Penny stocks you have to have Settled Cash and you have to activate it on your account.

  24. What happened to the baby in the last picture? ALL I SEE IS A TAIL!!!

  25. If you think democrats are anti-gun you've just bought into republican propaganda. Democrats want guns out of the hands of people that use them for violence - domestic abusers and people convicted or threatening violence. Also, common sense gun reform like universal background checks and closing gun show loophole. Also banning bump stocks. None of these are radical "we're gonna take your guns" shit that republicans tell people democrats want. Conservatives seem to think any limit on guns is radical and an infringement of the 2nd amendment when even conservatives on the Supreme Court have admitted it's not.

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