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  1. In fact I never said that Miles absolutely cannot use Peter's name... but that he can do it when he died and retired, in fact in the Ultimate universe the passage of the mask worked, since there was only one Spider-Man to operate

  2. Spider ham was one of my first lessons in maybe i should be reading what effects he has instead of hacking away at them

  3. Shit homie I still remember when he was relaised, I was fighting him and suddenly I’m dead(when I activate my sp), had no idea why and gave up the whole quest, fun times.

  4. God no, absolutley not, the whole time I was playing the game I felt dead inside, when I was finally finished I was relieved that I can finally uninstall this piece of crap.

  5. Well it's easy, it's staged, duh.


  7. Stop brigading my comments with hate-downvoters. This is actually against reddit TOS.

  8. Bro says he is super smart but has an anime pfp, therefore anime detected, opinion rejected

  9. Just stop. This kind of jokes are no longer funny (in my opinion they never were) and are highly offensive to the OC (orphan community).

  10. Who tf is this guy, seriously? I see everyone hates him, I wanna hate him too

  11. I’m forcing you to tell me what movie this is. Tell me now or else.

  12. Bio u srednjoj ima par godina, s 20 kuna svaki dan bi imao vise nego dovoljno. Imalo se za jest i pit kavu kao i za cigare.

  13. Mislim da Auti 2 nije toliko los kao film vec da su ostala dva jednostavno bolja, za razliku od vecine koja misli da je katastrofa.

  14. I had a good rest, thanks for letting me stay awhile, bless you

  15. Thats quite the comment from somone into sandy cheeks vore....

  16. Not only you are arrogant sod, you are ignorant imbecil aswell, keep going mate, I’m sure you’ll do great

  17. Your opinion is not valid. If your into sandy cheeks cock vore, you shouldnt be going around trying to act "posh" ya nasty ass

  18. Sure you know what am I into, but ofc you gotta attack people based on their apperance because you have no other valid point

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