1. 4tran daughter. I kind of wish I could adopt some of you anyway

  2. And? Who gives a shit if you dont fit the idea they have in their skull? Stop thinking you need to control people's minds. If they dont get in your way and arent assholes then thats enough for me.

  3. There's no such thing as an androgynous medical transition. You can't undo puberty, only add a different one to the mix. Even if you remove all of the sex hormones of any kind from your body, it will just cause health problems.

  4. top one and reside to a life in the mountains, in a comfortable cabin, alone or with a close friend.

  5. Even friends would be compelled to deadname and misgender you, as if by magic

  6. I’d be okay if that close friend was a troon and I misgendered them too

  7. I mean everything I described would total to, what, a few hundred tops? And it's not like you have to buy it all at once either

  8. Your advice is fine i was joking about the way people give advice sometimes. Its often stuff the person themselves knows already, they just cant or haven't done it yet. Someone is just vibing in a casual setting and people like to dissect every inch of their presentation to make themselves feel superior.

  9. ahh sry my autism. yeah that's fair, ig I'm not rly taking the photo in context

  10. Its ok. The post is meant to mock isntead of think of them as a real person. About the eyebrows, it would be kind of a meme in this case honestly. There's so much other stuff here that doesn't work that changing that wouldn't make much of a difference. But its still a good idea to improve everything you can tho. People get into this mentality of "so much is wrong why even bother" which is sure to not help you actually look better.

  11. well, then you are not a transexual.. you say "us don't" when you could have say "we can't", so its your thing, you are transgender. not transexual as many of us, and transexual has its bad cognotation that it only mean sex reassignment surgery when transexual actually was the gender dysphoria diagnosis old term.

  12. One big problem i have with gender dysphoria as a medical diagnosis is that some people dislike everything while some only dislike some things. And some just dont want to be locked into a woman or man binary, and since there really isn't definitive proof for a male and female brain, they have just as much claim to being trans as other people.

  13. I support non binary people but if they dont experience any kind of gender dysphoria i wish they stop appropiating the word trans, they will not, because being trans means nothing today.

  14. A lot of non binary people do experience some form of dysphoria. They're not appropriating the word, they're using the word as it is defined "have a gender identity which differs from the one assigned at birth". And they fit that definition. If you dont agree with that definition you have to present another one and argue why it should be the only one. If you use dysphoria then you have to account for how much dysphoria is enough to matter. If i want no beard, want boobs but i dont mind my dick am i trans enough? Etc.

  15. i mean good for her ig but i really hate these posts. to me it’s not affirming or euphoric to be turned on by wearing women’s clothes it’s just invalidating bcoz its involuntary and makes me feel like a guy lmao

  16. Its clearly dyphoric to her too in the fourth pannel there is confusion

  17. the part they left out was they've been anguishing since that day, 6 years ago 💀

  18. She totally fucking deleted that tweet and acted like it never happened LMAOO

  19. Amab by far. It isn't their /fault/ but social transition no effort MtFs make my skin crawl.

  20. Thats about as much effort as the average cis woman puts in tbh. It sucks to have to do so much more to just not be misgendered.

  21. most cis women put so much time into hair, makeup, skin, outfit coordination etc which i simply dont see lots of trannies doing

  22. Lack of motivation, if you're so far from the goal then why bother. Lack of money, and knowledge on how to look good which cis women have decades of lead on. No to mention dealing with the constant repulsion from everyone in every attempt to make yourself look better.

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