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  1. Coming from Toronto, what traffic? And cost of living is significantly less then Toronto

  2. Ya this traffic thing really divides the old timers from the recently arrived. I’m lately from Vancouver. Unlike Van there is no consistently bad every-single-time-you-leave-the-house traffic here and also btw no real rain.

  3. I grew up in the interior. Traffic isn’t that bad but Kelowna has very selfish drivers. They tailgate to “defend” their place and don’t make space for lane changes or merges. Vancouver is busy and takes a long time to go places but people make space when you signal and they merge like machines.

  4. I definitely drive more defensively here. Drivers are more unpredictable doing things like surprise(!) u-turns on 97. Darting across main roads on tiny side streets. Or failing to yield entering the highway from for example Glenrosa, they just roll right in like there’s nobody already there. Wouldn’t drive the lower mainland long without risking a road rage incident.

  5. On Saturday night my folks and I went downtown for some drinks. We then used the "your driver" service. For a flat rate of $25 plus a $5 tip, they drop off a driver and drive you and your car home safely. That way you don't need to drive impaired and you don't need to leave your car downtown. Yes they have drivers that can drive standard.

  6. Interesting service, so they have another vehicle follow yours home to pick up your driver?

  7. So why don’t they ask her husband to stop by and offer his opinion on the subject. What legitimate reason could he have for not voluntarily doing that?

  8. Vancouver needs more housing since if you want services close to you housing has to be obtainable otherwise everything else becomes more and more expensive. If your local plumber, electrician, and other trades aren’t close by and they have to drive that hour or two that’s not free, the customer in the end pays for those hours whether the person is there or not.

  9. Many trades businesses already have no interest in working downtown at all. Besides the difficulty and expense of travel and parking, the area has become insecure to the point where they need to leave someone with their vehicles just to prevent theft and vandalism.

  10. Mayor of Van can’t do a whole lot about drug addiction, catch and release, or homelessness without senior government support if that’s what you’re asking.

  11. All you can eat great sushi used to be a (very good) thing but maybe a decade or two ago last time I’ve seen that. Used to be a second floor place west side of Burrard near Hotel Vancouver, alas long gone.

  12. Alternate view. Most of these guys don’t literally believe the big lie. They want to believe it, which is a different thing. And in practical political terms it’s the current rallying cry, ask them and they’ll say they believe it so you know what side they’re on.

  13. Mr Trump missing the good old days of being immersed in unquestioning adoration. Q pool only one deep enough for that now.

  14. Georgians: y’all sure you want this fella negotiating on your behalf in Washington?

  15. Owning multiple properties should be practically banned

  16. Ha! He’s probably telling Trump what reality looks like, and Trump won’t have it. Trump seems to prefer his clown cart lawyers who let him “be Trump”.

  17. This lawyer not telling him what he wants to hear but instead what he needs to hear.

  18. It’s all relative. After driving for years in Vancouver, I was just noticing how light the traffic is now in Kelowna after tourist season.

  19. I’ve done a little work in this area. Other than the very top people who’ve been prominent in the news over the years, name recognition is the whole electoral game. Simply getting your name out there. And, let’s just admit it, plenty of people also judge ethnicity by name and select accordingly even though they know nothing else about the candidates.

  20. There are wards. Called Burnaby, Surrey, Richmond, and 17 others. The real question: why aren’t they more evenly allocated according to population?

  21. If all Oz has is fat shaming and suit elitism, he’s not bringing much to the table.

  22. Why are people still willing to buy DWAC at $16.60? Are there significant assets or?

  23. Imagine buying this thing at 100 in March or even last month at 30. Expect a waterfall if Elon ends up buying Twitter and reinstates Trumps account?

  24. His escape accomplice Angela is a Texas state senator. Will this help or hurt her career. Could see it working out either way.

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