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  1. Yeah, I posted that link to the Washington Post and then they immediately locked it. I don’t have time for that forum lol

  2. Daycare worker tests positive, children are given vaccine as a precaution.

  3. The US Department of Health and Human Services didnt order vaccines soon enough, and other stock went to other countries. Now the factory isn’t producing any at this time.

  4. I've seen doctors on twitter viciously attacked by the gay community by stating that the medical community needs to be vaccinated to provide care for what clearly is going to be an upcoming surge. Calling them homophobes.

  5. This is not to cover a "botched response". Before it even entered the United States, European health officials were saying the same thing. It is primarily isolated to the gay community. This is back when we had double digit case #s. Before any response was even conceived of.

  6. Cases are doubling every 7-8 days here in WA state — headline from local news today.

  7. Here is an interview with the woman who tested positive in Atlanta. (She’s been out of work and separated from her daughter for a month now. Very concerning economically.)

  8. In some situations "children" and "adolescents" are different stats.

  9. Yes. The same thing happens with smallpox, monkeypox’s close cousin. Historically, smallpox would appear with different severity depending on the genetics or use of prior vaccine or previous case.

  10. Monkeypox is likely everywhere by now. The next month is gonna be a complete shitshow.

  11. I have fine hair and for years washed every day. Now, I wash every other day, sometimes every second day.

  12. We are going to find out soon how common the excruciating pain is. Yikes….I really, really hate pain.

  13. That sub is a full blown echo chamber for people in panic. "How do we make TPOXX available to anyone that wants it?!!"

  14. Apparently, the anal lesions can be horrifically painful and Topoxx works like magic. I imagine the doctors are not giving it out regularly due to the small quantity available at the present.

  15. Yeah I’m totally not knocking you. I’m just wondering how the misinformation got so rampant. I’ve had a few people say that here as well.

  16. The CDC and WHO both made statements that MP was mostly found in the gay male population. Then, news reports parroted that to the populace.

  17. Agree. Don’t understand this new new generational warfare when it’s really class warfare.

  18. Honest question, what is the most updated means of transmission for this virus? Is it still very close contact? How is it spreading so fast, that seems like such an inefficient way for a virus to spread.

  19. Please look at this CDC link, click the PDF and view the 10th or so slide on the subject of transmissions.

  20. Tbh, I saw those small video clips on the news, and I instantly felt relief that they were getting a vaccine. For months I have been reading how difficult it has been to get a diagnosis, test, and vaccine. Dont assume that people are going to recoil in horror from seeing people in line for the MP vaccine, we are more mature than that.

  21. Margorie Taylor Green is already suggesting that gay peodophiles are responsible for the disease making its way into the straight community. I don't think you're taking the stigma and ramifications seriously.

  22. LOL Gay men do not need to hide themselves from being associated from this disease. I realistically think that it will spread to females and straight men soon enough, but right now, gay men are the social circles it is now spreading within. There’s nothing wrong with being gay, or showing men who may or may not be gay lined up for the vaccine. Own being gay, it’s a small way of not backing down to crazy political rhetoric.

  23. Many "experts" job is to minimize panic, not minimze spread of disease.

  24. I agree. Do you ever wonder why “experts” want to minimize panic due to pandemics when experts in other fields, such as politics, have no qualms about inducing panic over hot button issues for political points. Or religious leaders inducing panic over something and so on. What makes pandemics off limits to panic? Lol

  25. This is gonna be a shitshow nationwide this fall, the fall semester hasn't even started back up yet.

  26. Yeah, in mp positive, some females are starting to post their cases. One is a female gymnastics teacher.

  27. I have been wondering the same thing. Two other Redditors told me that the CDC sent out memos to hospitals but it doesn’t seem like the healthcare providers received them? I am not sure what is stalling the diagnosis and testing of Monkeypox.

  28. It was a great rant. Not all of us leftists here align with the Democrats. I think they suck tbh.

  29. First point is false. I work for a hospital system. We had notices and guidance when there were 2 cases in America. They’ve been doing the official health care-related stuff the whole time. They’re just not spending (wasting?) any time on the public. Your second point is true, but also complicated. Again, the AIDS-washing has been successful in the media, so unless you rolled in as a gay man with pustules on your ass, there was a good likelihood medical screeners would assume you had something else. Which, generally speaking, was probably true. BUT they weren’t taking the proper PPE safety in mind for the possibility they were wrong, and we ended up with several potential exposures (all of which thankfully ended up being near-misses). None of which is attributable to the CDC.

  30. The “AIDS-washing,” which I take you are referring to the CDC and WHO specifically noting the data that the social group of gay men were predominantly ill with the disease, is another poor excuse for healthcare providers to not provide a diagnosis, especially, as you note, the CDC simultaneously provided guidance.

  31. That looks like an allergy. Have you worn them in the past? Be careful with that. It can start to blister & will really hurt if it gets to that stage.

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