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  1. I think that's genius. Now all y'all have to wash your hands everytime!

  2. 1 Doge = 1 Doge. Can't argue with that!

  3. Sanitizing would be the easy part. Just dunk it in a sanitizer sink for 60 seconds. The hard part is actually washing. How are they SURE that all dirt and what not is of all those holes.

  4. It looks like an actual dead spider on the left hole if you zoom in.

  5. If you look on the left in the holes, there's still some sort of plant material in there, so I'm guessing all they do (if anything) is run a wet rag or something over the top.

  6. I don't like pitbulls. I think they're too dangerous for most people to have safely.

  7. Why’d this get downvoted? They need proper care and training to not be violent

  8. For whatever reason people keep spreading the "nanny dog" myth. That leads to very poor outcomes.

  9. Somehow, some way, you would still be fucked. Even if it's just you getting sore ears from everyone else's wailing and crying. ;)

  10. Not necessarily toxic but I will always remember that I was killed by a player named fatty mcbutterpants.

  11. $20 was enough money to get a full tank of gas, 3 shirts, 2 pants, shoes, loaf of bread, pound of butter.

  12. Dig into the backgrounds of the people running all the pro-pitbull propaganda and you'll have even more questions.

  13. Dude, it's fricking crazy. Like a FR cult dedicated to worshipping baal or whoever accepts child sacrifices. So weird.

  14. Or maybe it’s the fact that despite that 51% they keep voting in lunatics who don’t support it at all.

  15. It really doesn't matter what they say. It only matters what they do. And we have a very clear view of what it is they are doing.

  16. Satirical comment? Two words. Groomer rhetoric. They doubled down on hateful rhetoric after the Colorado shooting, knowing it leads to violence.

  17. Edit hopefully makes my position clearer. They are aggressive bullies only worthy of a school yard. They should be referred to as such at all times IMO. Framing it as a "war" only elevates the aggressor.

  18. Thank you. Why not elaborate? I would love this to be a teaching moment for him but maybe that’s naive of me? Does that just further reinforce their beliefs?

  19. Because of the threat of violence and retaliation. There's often a distinction between "people and un-people" for this type.

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