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  1. How long are you usually awake before you start your roll?

  2. If you had heatstroke recently, no. Give your body time to recover. Wait a few weeks.

  3. I had the meet and greet package and we got the same merch. Pretty sure it was the same for all 3 levels of VIP.

  4. You can have some amazing insights and perceptive on MDMA but I would not call it ego death because you have too much control of "who you are" compared to psychedelics.

  5. It's the law to provide salary range in certain states.

  6. This offers screams that you are going to be screwed over.

  7. Certainly want to still be involved. Our endgame would be an acquisition, just didn’t think things would move so quickly. Post-acquisition, we’d remain as employees to see things through. At least for a while.

  8. If your product is established (by eoy per your post) and you or the other founders aren't the face of the company, why do you think the vc is going to want to keep you on post acquisition? Look at this from the eyes of the VC.

  9. Go on a run. A good run before helps you relax.

  10. Give it more time. 20 grams is a lot but you will bounce back.

  11. Thanks, i play football already so i’m active in that regard but i’ll look into the rest

  12. Just make sure that you do not injure your head playing contact sports.

  13. This happens at all institutions...

  14. I have 2 VIP lounge tickets for this event as well. My cost was 768 (will provide receipt).

  15. I definitely support this, but man do I wish they would release a live concert Blu-ray that can be legally purchased and experienced by those of us who can’t make it to a live concert.

  16. Give it a few more years and I'm sure they will begin to sell virtual tickets to shows with ve goggles and haptic feedback vests....

  17. You should be physically fine and back to baseline 48 hours after (usually earlier). Mentally is a diff thing though.

  18. I agree. My mental is probably a 2 week thing.

  19. Still amazing to me that blue water sailors have no legal right to arm and protect themselves from pos pirates. I’d be lobbing flairs onto the a-holes deck and fuel tanks.

  20. Technically when international waters you are bound by the laws of the country you are registered to. So an American can have a gun on board.

  21. Honest feedback, good crack at this. Looks like all calcs are right.

  22. You should have been there when you could look over your shoulder and see the actual shaft looming over your shoulder.

  23. Hahaha I have a video of the shaft being blown up.

  24. I've made gummies with my mdma. I tested the powder first then make sour gummy bears. I'm not sure if it's something about the sugar but I rolled super hard off that batch!

  25. I didn't write down the recipe per se. Just put a small amount in each gummy. Had to eat like 6 of them to really get going.

  26. Dumb question, but did you try putting the water in a different container? I know sometimes my Brita pitcher will let sediment seep out when the filter is brand new.

  27. It says VIP is sold out.. how much was it? Is it worth it? I'm looking at buying them second hand.. never been to that venue though

  28. Work for a major civil contractor.

  29. In the 20% down scenario, are you investing the savings on your monthly payment?

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