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When you come across a feel-good thing.

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  1. It’s literally this. If she honestly owned up to it by standing by it and wasn’t so cookie cutter with her persona, she would totally get away with it.

  2. There are no hard set rules. The "N word taboo" thing has to be the messiest, most convoluted, bullshit cultural norm we've ever created.

  3. It should also be noted that while some black people have a huge problem with people using the n word, other black people don’t care. I wouldn’t be surprised if 69 lucked out and happened to be raised around black people that don’t care. As far as how he gets away with it online, just be a controversial person already and own up to it. That worked for Idubbbz and he said it with the hard r.

  4. I agree. I thought much more people would have prefaired heavyweight due to the ko’s but apparently not. You get much more action, variety and unpredictability in the lower weight classes in my opinion.

  5. Heavyweight is either really exciting or really boring most of the time with little in between. That likely hurts it from being a favorite.

  6. Really depends on the mood I’m in. Sometimes I want to watch fast technical fight that will likely last 25 minutes. Other times, I want 2 big man to obliterate each other. There’s drawbacks to both too. The small guys can be inactive as a way to stay from an opponent that is stylistically better (Rose vs Carla II) while the big guys can sometimes be too precautious to swing to avoid getting knocked out. Normally, I’d go for Bantamweight but when Heavyweight is good, it’s really fuck good.

  7. How ironic that he blames DGG for bullying him when he was a 1k Andy. If it weren’t for DGG, he would’ve even have 1k viewers.

  8. I'm latino and I don't get it, what does gusano mean for you guys, pretty sure it literally just means worm, I'm not defending anyone I'm genuinly curious

  9. It’s specifically a Cuban slur. It refers to Cubans against Castro. It’s basically calling someone a sell out for not supporting leftist revolution in Cuba. Destiny, a capitalist of Cuban heritage, get called that all the time by leftists. He is also the only political content creator called that despite there being other Hispanics (non Cuban) who have similar views to him regarding capitalism. Hasan is just straight up being bigoted.

  10. He had the most American view on racial slurs and he doesn’t even know it.

  11. I guess we don’t believe in criminal reforms anymore. Can we start shitting on Nick Cage while we’re at it.

  12. Zack Sabre Jr., doesn’t even need to go full tilt, just a bit more of a build would help.

  13. I have the opposite opinion on ZSJ. I think he should hype up of thin he is in the same way that Royce Gracie was hyped up after showing that he can destroy bigger guys.

  14. I'd say that Darby Allen looks so unrealistic at his size but the things he does in the ring are so good to watch that I forget all of that. His pants options are the main thing that make him look so skinny

  15. Darby is a guy that uses his small size to his advantage. If you’re going to be scrawny, you better be prepare to sell your ass off.

  16. A sucker punch from a former UFC fighter must have done some serious damage. Probably similar to being hit with a firm pillow.

  17. Does Punk still train? If he doesn’t then I doubt he has the muscle memory to throw a proper punch

  18. I want to see kresse meet the Asian lady I feel like they hinted at him being on good terms with her in the flashback

  19. She probably has a dojo back home. Kreese probably goes there and prepare for the tournament together.

  20. Kreese won’t stay in the Valley, he’ll probably go AWOL and show up during that Worldwide Tournament

  21. Wouldn’t be surprised if he moves to a new country, starts a dojo there, and then joins the tournament.

  22. People keep bringing up Bret and Shawn like their fucking show monkeys in a circus but they forget that it also ended with WWF losing Bret Hart and pushing Shawn further down the deep end.

  23. It didn’t even print money for Shawn and Bret. There rivalry was mostly during the time that WWE was struggling. It took a Stone Cold, someone not at all involved with the drama, for WWE to print money.

  24. Respectfully, the Elite have always been fine being upper midcard.

  25. True. Back in 2019, them being fine with that was kind of a problem until Tony Khan pushed them himself.

  26. Punk does a lot of things, but making amends is not at the top of that list so…..

  27. Get the title off him asap. Either through a match or make him relinquish. He ultimately couldn’t handle to the top guy position when it was finally given to him.

  28. Not only that but Hangman graduated early right? He's a smart guy.

  29. He mentioned in a BTE episode that he was teaching by the time he was 20

  30. Here's the link with the part the AEW feed didn't include (and with much better audio than the AEW feed)

  31. That’s is such a dick move. Why drag someone else? Just make your point without dragging another person into it.

  32. What I really want to know is what would noted pro wrestling pioneer Abraham Lincoln think about all this bullshit today?

  33. Dude had a lot of heat with southern wrasslers. Some even accused him of politics.

  34. I think you’re more in the minority than you think. Hypothetically, if the Elite leaves I don’t think we’ll see a huge loss in ratings.

  35. This is fairly accurate. For a few months, we only had the Bucks and Hangman. AEW is so stacked that losing the Elite will not be much of a death blow.

  36. I know people don’t like Jericho for his political views, but I honestly think Tony Khan could benefit from having Jericho in some sort of management role. He’s a respected wrestler, isn’t afraid to call people out on their bullshit, and knows how the business works. Clearly Punk isn’t the locker room leader he thinks he is and Omega isn’t either. Now everyone is taking sides and the last thing you want is a split locker room. Regal would be another good choice. He seems like he’d be a good voice of reason and someone the wrestlers would respect. I just don’t think some of these guys respect Tony. Especially Punk. That press conference was very telling.

  37. The great thing about Jericho is that he is absolutely willing to be confrontational but he’s not necessarily trying to create problems. He will confront people like when he was upset at the Lucha Bros for not tagging in but he isn’t trying to blow it up into a gigantic thing that divides the locker room.

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