1. They have quotas, and everything is dependant upon the money. The best use for money is to offer it to others. So looking at this case, the realistic answer is to not offer it.

  2. I know this way way past this posts date but when do you think it would be a go time to go Reno? My recruiters said we could Reno the date and add airborne school.

  3. Ohh so that’s better than just waiting for the fiscal in October and heading to meps? Alright yeah thanks man. But what if my recruiters keep saying just volunteer at ait or basic and all that when my ship date comes near and I have my diploma? Should I go to a different recruiting station that’ll want to help?

  4. Please don’t listen to this dude, get it in your contract, this is exactly how my recruiter got me and it fucked over my entire career, don’t end up in a heavy unit working on bradley’s 6 days a week

  5. But yeah I contacted the First Sergeant and I asked him to put airborne on my contract as soon as that thing gets open and to update me on that and also to change the ship date. He said “of course we got you!” And that they are there to take care of me. But idk

  6. don’t listen to him, he can’t just add it into your contract, make sure you sign that paperwork that guarantees airborne, don’t let these shady ass recruiters fuck you

  7. Shit man he sounded like a real nice person too being all high ranked and the boss of the recruiting station and all that man

  8. Yeah who ever did your perm wrapped your hair too tight on the perm rods and the perm solution broke your hair off at the scalp. Will grow back. Source me, I was a cosmetologist now a barber.

  9. Thanks man and how long do you think it’ll take my hair to grow out of that buzz and look normal?

  10. Well I mean just imagine if the president told one dude to kill all the generals and then gets appointed as super super 20 star general or something.

  11. at 5'2 you should be thick af,

  12. low center of gravity, work on your balance.

  13. would a stance help that center of gravity? because I kinda adopted this new stance and people say it’s a super low sumo stance and ever since using that I feel a bit better in tie ups

  14. Tell them separately to meet you guys somewhere and have them fight each other. Whoever wins, gets to do your paperwork.

  15. We also got a marine and navy recruiter that comes to our school a lot. We’ll invite them in so it could be a 2v2 then whoever survives must fight each other then they’ll get the paper work 😩

  16. Depends on how long the dead period is. Make sure you are allowing for recovery. Use your treadmill, some body weight exercises, continue lifting if you have access to weights. Watch film of good wrestling.

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