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  1. Yoo I was doing zalcano with my room mate last night and you popped in for a few. We were both like wtf nice account and then you talked and we saw the white helm haha. Dayam!

  2. eyy nice i managed to get 3 pet rolls in 500kc there. Gave up on wearing the white helm after a few deaths... managed to die 40 times in those 500 kills.... 1 shot too many times....

  3. Wtf bro, do you have a youtube channel ? I want to see this!

  4. What does that shortest path thing do?

  5. No clue, was looking for a plugin that shows predicted path :l

  6. If you’re using different wifi each time that will do it .

  7. Well, Downloaded cura 4.12 from 4.8 and it seems to be printing logically now... not sure whether i'd turned something on that should have been off or the update fixed it, but problem solved and nice pretty layers :D

  8. You can search the Pokémon’s name and it’ll come up but you can’t search by the edited name

  9. Pls share your inventory / any tips you have! Looking to do this on a similar acc cb 50ish. Did you use any mithril bolts or just addy? Prayer pots or super restores? Any sweets or food? Symbol or glory? Haha sorry for so many questions! Nice job btw!!!!

  10. https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/TzHaar_Fight_Cave/Rotations

  11. 24 ppots 35 sweets bolt pouch and 2 karams. finsihed with 3 popts and 19 sweets

  12. But srsly why does the object become solid when you remove the axe from it -.- as a low level I struggle with this boss enough as it is (14 growth spawns in a single fight and 5 b2b2b2b2b spawns...) and losing the only safespot makes things not fun

  13. But srsly why can I not shoot over the object when it's missing the axe -.-

  14. wouldn't you have had to buy the d scim while you were doing monkey madness, before completing?

  15. https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Ultimate_Ironman_Guide

  16. For 99c i dont see why not, a couple chances at 10+ IV encounters plus bonus candies.

  17. why has this only just shown up in my shop after restarting game at 2pm on saturday -.- brought 200 spaces before I saw this. Sad

  18. It sucks heaps but rebuilding really isn't too bad. you've already got the stats to get back most items anyway.

  19. Agreed, its so hard to tell if your exhausted now

  20. Maybe have the damage scale with level rather than a flat amount

  21. I'm pretty sure you can drag it all the way offscreen, however the only way to get it back is to change one of the config files

  22. Leave no man, woman or Yordle behind. Do your best to keep your team alive. That's pretty Much it. As far as picks go, strong supports are Leona, thresh and Morganna (mainly because she's a good counter to Leona/thresh. Imo Lulu is a more fun support to play, however.

  23. I would love the ability to change cursor colour, I have lost my cursor so many times during fights because it turns red onto bold red outlined units, its really frustrating dying because you can't see where your cursor is.

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