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  1. Idk man I think to cure your physical addiction you need much less but there’s the case of craving which require much more. I think drs over perscribe because of people often trying to get more than they actually need to either sell or to just have some extra(I’m guilty of this myself)

  2. Today I am going to try and just do 8 mgs and see how I feel tomorrow. But I am a little concerned about cravings as I haven’t had any yet but possibly once I start doing 8 per day maybe I will have some I’m not sure. But I would imagine if doctors thought people were going to try and sell their extra they would want to under prescribe but yeah the thought of selling hasn’t crossed my mind yet as I haven’t had any extra lol. But I can’t say that if I was ever hard up for money I wouldn’t do it.

  3. By the grace of god I've been smoking fent for 2years now and never had an OD. I'm very thankful. This drug is so hard to kick and wish all the best to all of you out there going through it. Much love and stay safe friends ❤️

  4. Subs or methadone my friend. Subs for me at least helped me kick a hydromorphone and heroin addiction. I honestly don’t even have cravings. I do miss nodding out but that’s about it.

  5. Brain surgery at 15. Was prescribed 180 oxy a month for 3 months lol. I got fucked hard at a young age. Started with swallowing pills and then graduates to snorting pills during during my junior and senior year. Did that until I started snorting heroin when I turned 25. After i overdosed and almost died I got on subs.

  6. Pramipexole is another anti depressant that treats restless leg syndrome. You could ask your doctor about it

  7. Ohh I am sorry! Haha but yes I can’t wait until I am off subs as well.

  8. No one really knows the exact equivalence between the two, since they are absorbed differently.

  9. Please don’t try fent man. I have lost two friends to it. And one of them didn’t even know they were getting fent. It’s not worth it. First of all it skyrockets your tolerance so no other opiate is enjoyable. Secondly it’s not very euphoric just sedating. I would advise you to use codein, morphine or oxy. They are the most euphoric out of all opiates.

  10. Get a lawyer ASAP. Do not let them do anything without a judges/court orders. They cannot MAKE you do anything without that. Your prescribed medicine that keeps you ALIVE and off the streets should NOT this big of an issue. Keep your head down, house clean, food in the cupboards and fridge, safe places for your kids to sleep and take your meds as prescribed. Sorry you're going through this.💜

  11. They can ask that you do random drug tests but they cant discriminate based on the medication you are prescribed. I would just do what they are asking, it just makes everyone’s lives easier if you are compliant.

  12. I understand where your coming from but unless she is endangering her child and there is proof the government has no right to make you compliant of anything.

  13. I'm a machinist who was hurt on the job, stage 5 laceration to my liver, 3 weeks in the ICU with a demerol injection button, and oxys in between. I had always done drugs like weed, acid, ecstasy, cocaine etc. Socialy and they didn't ruin my life. Opiates led to me living in abandoned houses in the hoods of New Orleans injecting Crack and heroin. Hitting rock bottom and making up my mind played the biggest part in my sobriety, but suboxone definitely played a part also. The thing about it is you have to want it, I had opportunities on the streets to take methadone or subs from other addicts when I was sick as fuck, but turned them down because I didn't want those drugs to interfere with the drugs I wanted to shoot up asap, so I would choose sickness over being well, just to ensure I could get high. I say that to show that suboxone or methadone won't save you by themselves, you are going to still have to put in work. The good news is if my dumbass can get sober anyone can. Good luck buddy......P.S. go with subs over methadone.

  14. How did you get yourself off the streets? And thank you for the kind words and I’m glad you are doing better. I definitely will be trying my hardest.

  15. The biggest thing I can tell you is that very quickly you find yourself bored a little tired and run down and have a bunch of free time. The nature of opiate addiction leads to a bunch of time being wasted whether it's looking for the next connection waiting around for a plug, sleeping in, missing social engagements. All of the ups and downs just sort of go away, usually in a few days and you find yourself having to learn how to spend the day or wondering what to do with your mind when you're not worrying about the next fix.

  16. I am a fairly skinny guy, I think working out would be a good idea. I appreciate your input.

  17. I really love the new smooth feeling of the game. Will be a good year definitely better than last years game.

  18. It’s just a dude in a red tank top. Why you taking pictures of your friends and posting lol

  19. this is what I don't get in the game. I've been trying for months and every time I get some asshole create the recon just to gate guard the sniper role. Honestly makes me dislike this game a lot, wanna try the stupid sniper rifle and haven't had the opportunity yet.

  20. It's literally to stop people like you solo q and hog sniper

  21. So it’s ok for 2 players to come in and hog sniper with out letting people who don’t have people. To play with from being a sniper?

  22. And backing out of Deston is us showing that the change (blue chip) is unpopular.

  23. They don’t give a fuck if you back out lol. They aren’t even going to notice it. Y’all think a small subreddit of people backing out of games is going to make a difference. The blue chip detector is not even that bad y’all just overreacting

  24. I think it’s fine. It’s fairly balanced with only being able to detect with in 100 meters and a 5 second delay

  25. Stop with the trading nonsense my. Constant trades is what’s gotten this team into this shit. Go play NHL 22 franchise mode and trade to your hearts content there. But this is not how it works in real life.

  26. I’ve had 7 wins since I posted this haha. Just was a little rusty. So I think I’m straight

  27. Facts bro finally somone sees what I’m saying I liek all pain pills but oxy hits diffrent for me I take it and I get like I’m good mood and energy to clear head and think about shit good and get motivated lol I can get to point where I nod too with them lmao

  28. Yeah for me I would have to say my favorite opiate choices would have to be heroin, morphine, oxy. In that order honestly. They are by far the most euphoric. But I really think it just depends on body chemistry and everyone having different experiences.

  29. How u not like dillys then..they're half morphine

  30. I never said I didn’t like them I said they aren’t my first choice

  31. Come on bro. Why would Brendan Brisson be on the first line 🤦‍♂️

  32. You can cheer people up without the misogynistic bs yknow

  33. Nah it’s 1. not true at all 2. uncalled for even if it was true 3. misogynistic, because you‘re making a broad, defaming statement about women over 30, based on your personal opinion

  34. That’s your opinion. I have seen a ton of evidence to back up their statement. It’s not my fault it makes you salty.

  35. Start over and build a new one, he’s not good at anything middle of the road at everything

  36. End the friendship. Find someone else you can develop feelings for. Don’t be a pussy “nice guy” hoping one day she will let you get in her pants. Because it’s never gonna happen. Move on

  37. In all honesty I think he was just “showing off” and being “edgy” with his friends. Sometimes guys say super fucked up shit around the boys not really meaning it. At least I’ve had that experience with some of my guy friends. And at the end of they day they don’t actually believe it. But it might be very possible that he is just fucked in the head. I would have a conversation with him

  38. They may be paying rent now but in a few years you'll be tucking them into your belt living under a bridge

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