1. I just started using them this year as well and they’re definitely my favourite. I still use Injinji toe socks on hot days though

  2. I’ve started using either injinji toe socks or Darn Tough socks and they’ve been a game changer. Been having a hard time finding good underwear for hiking though.

  3. Wheel specs: 305/70/17 with a -38 offset

  4. Disclaimer: not current or former CAF, just a larper.

  5. That’s the best part of the game. Playing soldier dress up and changing your outfit constantly. I’m basically a teenage girl with a gun when I play Wildlands

  6. I don't knows nothin' about etiquette, I'm just here to fuck Shoresy's mom.

  7. Fuck you ya frozen douche. Ur mom shot cum straight across the room, killed my Siamese fighting fish, and threw off the pH levels in my aquarium. Give yer balls a tug ya titfucker

  8. I’ve got some spare clean socks so I’m going to cycle between them and my main pair for the rest of the way, with plenty of airing-out in-between. Leukotape and new socks are at the top of my shopping list once I’m back

  9. Leukotape is a game changer. I just found out about it this year. I’ve always got blisters on my heels from every pair of shoes and boots I’ve hiked in, and Leukotape completely wiped those out immediately

  10. I’ve got the same truck. When I upgrade my wheels next year we’ll be matchy matchy.

  11. This isn’t new news for anyone that’s been paying attention, but yeah, it (so far) has been much ado about nothing.

  12. How so? I could see that if you get mauled you turn into a zombie, it might be extra scary. But I figure if you get mauled by a normal griz you're probably dead anyways, so at least you wouldn't have to wait to see if it was going to charge you or not. Just start blasting.

  13. A regular bear is very unlikely to even attack you or consider you to be food. A zombie bear is always hungry for human brains. Way scarier.

  14. not quite. my load out is "tactical ipsc" with some camo loads of magnets and umbrella corp logos but that's an impressive dedication to the multi cam you got there.

  15. I don't actually see what kind of value this adds to the conversation.

  16. No big deal. Daddy Turdeau will just print some more money and all I have to do is suck a dick or get a boob job and he’ll just give me $100 million. This is just fear mongering.

  17. I’m sure he’ll use this as an excuse to print billions more dollars. Yay inflation

  18. Free loot when that bag and belt destroy your back

  19. Who are all you weak dweebs that have a meltdown as soon as you see a backpack? This shit ain’t that heavy. Go lift some stuff. I swear, every post there’s at least a couple guys going off about how everything is impossibly heavy. Dudes used to pack cast iron and heavy ass wool and leather everywhere and probly didn’t complain as much.

  20. Imagine if shit ever does hit the fan and you, in full camo tactical gear, get clapped by the embodiment of Canada, this is rivaling the guy with the tactical Canadian tuxedo

  21. Sure, but let's not skip over the part where they only "represent" us because the MSM picked these trolls out of near-oblivion and shoved them into the limelight to make us look bad.

  22. Wait a sec is painting kit common? Mines tan, wish now I got woodland for the silhouette. Figured painting it might be sketchy. Do people do that? If so I totally will too

  23. you need a good bolt action... I suggest a CZ 527 bolt action chambered in 223, which comes with a Turkish walnut stock. (I believe it has been discontinued being replaced by the 600 series rifle but I like the 527 better.)

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